The heart of this unique Sonic drilling system consists of 2 ex-centers that are driven by 2 small high-speed (6-12.000rpm) hydro-enggines. The high frequency vibrations (100-200Hz) that are transferred in smart and effective way to the drilling vods. The SEBA - Universal Current Meter F1 serves to determine the current velocities in water courses, canals, rivers and the sea, for use with rods or as cable-suspended meter equipment from 0.025m/sec up to 10 m/sec. The CIRAS-2 is a true differential system. It features 4 independent, non-dispersive gas analyzes for accurate, simultaneous measurement of both CO2 and H2O, eliminating the problems associated with “gas switching” systems. Surechem is a leader provider in the field of Soil, Water, Crops, Climate, Waste and Physical Sunvey. We are keen to be your partner in sharing our experience and knowledge in selecting the best products for your application. Please like us on Facebook to find out more about Surechem. Surechem is now Twitter! Please follow us @SurechemMAS to find out about our specials.123456


Eijkelkamp SAM-1

Now the SAM-1 Smart Aquameter also turns your Android smartphone or tablet (Android version 4.0 or higher) into a powerful and convenient pH, Redox (ORP) or conductivity and temperature meter.

Simply connect the SAM-1 and smart sensor into the audio jack of your smartphone or tablet and you are ready to take accurate readings. The sensor type and calibration data is auto-recognized.


Soil Moisture 5306D Differential Monitor Transducer

This illustration shows the many capabilities available on the "D" model Monitors.  Not only are there two Luer-Lock ports, but both a USB and Analog interfaces for mobile Windows devices or to a standard older datalogging technology.  The USB connector is a standard micro style connection, and the 6 pin header available for Analog measurements. 


PP System Ciras 3

As reported by many researchers, there is a big difference betweeen "portable" and "transportable". With its small footprint and the main console weighing just 4.3 kg, CIRAS 3 makes measurements in those "hard to reach" places not only easier but possible. Its light weight and small footprint also means reduced fatifgue and site disturbance of fragile vegetation.



DataHog2+ is an easy-to-use high specification datalogger which uses a removable multi-media device for the data storage. The DataHog2+ comes 'ready configured', saving valuable set up time with easy to connect sensors using plugs and sockets, so no need for complicated wiring into terminal connectors. Any multi-media storage device (SD card) up to 32GB can be used. These devices are readily available and easy to replace if required. Power is supplied from either a 12V battery, 12V power supply or solar panel and 12v battery. The unit is fully sealed and suitable for outdoor installations. Skye offer a wide range of mounting accessories suitable for many different applications and locations. Many PCs now have built-in multi-media card readers, and the data offloaded from the logger is a text file which makes for easy editing and manipulation of the data in many spreadsheet programmes. If your PC does not have a card reader slot, then inexpensive card readers which connect to the USB port on the PC can be purchased.