Eijkelkamp 12.42 Multisampler

  • Developed for sampling of wet, solid as well as fluid material.
  • Eijkelkamp 12.42 Multisampler suitable for sampling up to a depth of 5 meter.
  • The materials used are stainless steel, NBR- rubber (the piston) and transparent acrylic plastic (sampling tube).
  • The standard set (with bayonet connection) contains: a multisampler, inclusive of two cutting heads (one for fluid- and one for solid material), sampling tubes, pistons, extension rods, a top-piece and various accessories.
  • The complete set can be transported in a carrying bag with shoulder strap.
  • Possible to take anaerobe samples in a wide variety of wet materials, solid as well as fluid.
  • Possible to move the piston in the sampling tube while this tube is held stationary. In this way the original stratification of the sampled material is maintained.