Eijkelkamp 04.09 Peat Sampler

Peat Sampler
  • Eijkelkamp 04.09 Peat Sampler a kind of gouge auger.
  • The peat sampler is pushed into the soil manually. The sample containing part is a half cylinder.
  • The sample containing section is sealed off by a plate (fin) that can pivot around the axle in the middle of the sampler and that is fitted with a cutting edge on one side. 
  • Having arrived at the correct sampling depth the complete sampler is given half a turn clockwise (180°).
  • During the turning the fin remains in position which allows the half cylinder to be filled and closed again.
  • The half circular sample cylinder is kept closed by the other side of the fin during extraction.
  • Only suitable in flabby and very soft soils. To achieve maximum stability the connections between the T-handle, the extension rods and the bottom part have been executed as conic threaded connections.
  • The standard set consists of a T-handle with extension rods, an Edelman auger, a peat sampler, a push-/pull handle, tools, maintenance kit and a fibre glass utility probe. The whole is kept in a sturdy aluminum transport case.