Eijkelkamp 13.51 Sediment Level Stave

Sediment Level Stave
  • Part of a standard set for measuring the depth of a sediment layer 4m.
  • The set comprises 4 sediment measuring rods of anodic aluminium with screw couplings. The rods are 1 m long and have a diameter of 25 mm. The sediment measuring rods are marked out in 5 cm markings.
  • Also includes an elbow fitting for the measuring rods so that depth measurements in the sediment can be taken at an angle.
  • A stainless steel grid and core point make it possible to probe the lower boundary of the sediment layer.
  • The set is presented in a carrier carrying bag.
  • Eijkelkamp 13.51 Sediment Level Stave for determining the depth at the top of the sediment layer at the bottom of the water.
  • Allows pricking through to more solid ground underneath.
  • Elbow joining piece makes it possible to work from the edge.
  • Standard set: 4 metres, bag, elbow fitting, sediment and core point.
  • Can be extended to 7 m.