Eijkelkamp 06.02 Penetrograph

  • Eijkelkamp 06.02 Penetrograph for determination of the penetration resistance of the ground.
  • The standard set is equipped with various penetration cones, recorder pens, probe rods and recording chart.
  • The entire set is packed in an aluminium carrying/transport case.
  • Every penetrograph is supplied with a quality test report.
  • Measuring range is up to 5000 kN/m2 (= 5 MPa).
  • Suitable for measurements at depths up to 0.80 m.
  • Continuous measurements can be made by recording each layer of the ground profile up to 0.80 m on the chart.
  • Self-recording, i.e. during the measurement the resistance is immediately graphically recorded.
  • The principle of the measurement is based on the compression of a calibrated spring, while at the same time the chart is moved in proportion to the depth by the drive pulley.
  • Fitted with a spirit-level to check if the penetration into the ground by the probe rod and cone is vertical.
  • The penetration should be as close as possible to the vertical, to keep the pressure and friction on the probe rod to the lowest possible levels.