Eijkelkamp 14.10 Pocket Vane Tester

Field Inspection Vane Borer
  • Standard set for measurement up to 160 kPa (16 t/m2) and to a depth of 10 m.
  • A heavier tool for measuring the shear strength in the field.
  • Without pre-drilling a hole the vane can be pushed or hammered into the soil. If the soil is too hard, then it is recommended to pre-drill a hole.
  • Eijkelkamp 14.10 Pocket Vane Tester measurements can be executed up to a depth of 10 meter and a shear strength can be measured to a maximum of up to 160 kPa (16 t/m2).
  • Because of its unique 180° slip coupling this type of vane tester can be used to measure the friction and the shear strength of the rods direct and separately.
  • The standard set contains the measuring body, two vanes (60x120 mm and 75.8x151.5 mm), various extension rods, spanners, accessories and a carrying case.
  • Optionally available is an extractor.