Eijkelkamp 19.21.SA Rhizon Soil Moisture Sampling Set

Rhizon Soil Moisture Sampling Set
  • Eijkelkamp 19.21.SA Rhizon Soil Moisture Sampling Set available in a standard set with: Rhizon soil moisture samplers, type MOM, with a length of 10 cm (complete with PVC/PE tubing, connectors and protective caps), a set needles with protective caps and a set of glass vacuum tubes with a 9 ml contents.
  • Can be extended with various accessories such as: short Rhizon soil moisture samplers (5 cm porous material), syringes (to be used instead of vacuum tubes) connectors for connecting the syringes (including spacers for blocking the syringes), (black) PE extension tube, silicone connecting tubing to connect the extension tubing to the soil moisture samplers.
  • The Macro Rhizon soil moisture sampler is especially suited for use in the field.
  • The sampler has a length of 9 cm and a diameter of 4.5 mm. For installation at greater depths a standard sampler with PVC extension pipe can be used.
  • Very suitable for pot-, cylinder-, and column research (Macro Rhizons for field research).
  • Used when several soil solution samples are needed of the same soil volume in the research of plant uptake of soluble nutrients as nitrate, solubility of metals in soil, transport of soluble components in soil, accumulation of salts and environmental research.