Spectrum SpecWeather.com

  • Spectrum SpecWeather.com the centerpiece of the Spectrum Technologies system to ease the collection, publication, and analysis of your weather data.
  • Send your weather data directly to the web using one of the WatchDog Communications options. 
  • The cellular modems include both GPRS and CDMA versions.
  • An Iridium-based satellite modem can get user data out from locations without cellular signal.
  • And the spread-spectrum wireless modem provides an economical solution when a station is with 2 miles of a location with an always-on Internet connection.
  • The SpecWeather.com web site lets user see the current weather conditions for all your weather stations.
  • User can customize the names of their sensors, for example naming soil moisture sensors to include the depth.
  • User control who can see how much of their data.
  • User can allow anyone to see all their stations, or user can assign individuals to see specific stations only.
  • Use SpecWare 9 Pro to download their logged weather data for reports, graphs, disease models, and other tools needed to analyze weather events