Soil Moisture Jet Fill Tensiometers

Jet Fill Tensiometers
  • Direct measurement of soil water tension.
  • Allows easy replacement of the ceramic cup and dial gauge, and addition of extension tubes and the Service Cap.
  • Soil Moisture Jet Fill Tensiometers available in a variety of lengths, ranging from 6 inches (15 cm) to 60 inches (1.5 m).
  • Insertion Tools can be used for coring a hole in the soil to accept these units.
  • The Service Kit, available separately, is used to refill and maintain the tensiometer. 
  • An additional accessory available for all tensiometers is the "low tension" dialgauge.
  • This gauge has a scale division from 0 to 50 centibars.
  • This will allow a better and more accurate reading of the soil suction upto 50 centibars.