Soil Moisture Mini Trase Kit Minitrase

Mini Trase Kit Minitrase
  • Soil Moisture Mini Trase Kit Minitrase to measure instantaneously the volumetric water content of soils and other moist media.
  • A variety of connectors and waveguides for depth measurements ranging from 15 cm to 70 cm are available, and can be used in a portable manner or permanently installed for periodic moisture monitoring.
  • The volumetric moisture content is displayed on the Palm terminal, and the graph of the TDR pulse can also be tagged for identification and stored for later viewing and analysis on the PC.
  • All stored data can be transferred either by hotsyncing the Palm to your PC or via an RS-232 port connection from the MiniTrase to the PC.
  • The MiniTrase unit is designed for rugged field use and is environmentally sealed to prevent damage to sensitive electronic components.