Eijkelkamp 13.17 RBC Flumes

RBC Flumes
  • Eijkelkamp 13.17 RBC Flumes used to measure the quantity of water that, for instance, flows through an irrigation channel.
  • By comparison to known flumes, such as the WSC- and the Parshall flume, the RBC flume is the most accurate.
  • Designed for use in smaller water ways or earthen channels (irrigation channels, in- outlets, furrow, ditches, etc.).
  • A simple and reliable instrument for the measurement of the quantity of irrigation water that flows towards a field.
  • The standard program contains flumes with various measuring ranges,  varying from 0.1-8.7 l/sec to 2.0-145 l/sec.
  • In order to obtain correct measurements it is essential that the flume is placed in such a way that the water can flow from the flume without obstruction.
  • After the flume has been placed in a horizontal position the measuring can begin by reading the measure of water surge near the threshold.
  • The measure of water surge can be read in the stilling well at the end of the flume.
  • Using standard formulas the flow through quantity (the discharge) is calculated.
  • Instead of reading the stilling well it is possible to install a pressure transducer connected to a datalogger.