CID Handheld Laser Leaf Area Meter (CI-203)

CID Handheld Laser Leaf Area Meter (CI-203)
  • One-Touch Data: Simply sweep the CI-203 over a leaf to yield six measurement parameters: area, width, length, perimeter, shape factor, and aspect ratio
  • CID Handheld Laser Leaf Area Meter (CI-203) durable and lightweight
  • Improved consistency of measurements
  • Improved handling of delicate leaves
  • Graphic display and rendering of leaf images for verification of a successful scan and auditing of data
  • Built in GPS tagging to provide location data for each measurement
  • SD Card for data storage
  • Standard USB charging and data download
  • Ideal for field work and very easy to use
  • Non-destructive measurements
  • No calibration required
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Measures objects up to 150mm (254mm with conveyor) wide and 25mm thick of virtually unlimited length
  • Conveyor Attachment (CI-203CA) is available for fast measurement in the field or lab
  • Root Length Measurement Attachment (CI-203RL) is available