SBA-5 CO2 Gas Analyzer with Enclosure

  • SBA-5 CO2 gas analyzer has the enviable reputation for being high quality, reliable, stable, accurate and versatile.
  • Non-dispersive, infrared measurement technique coupled with microprocessor based in signal processing resulting in precise measurement of CO2
  • “Auto-Zero” technology and insulated, thermostatically controlled optical bench ensures fast warm-up, long term stability, accuracy and analyzer calibration.
  • It also minimizes the effects of sample cell contamination, IR source aging, changes in detector sensitivity and pre-amplifier gain.
  • One bench is optimized for measurement ranges of CO2 up to 30000 ppm and another for ranges above 30000 up to 100000 ppm. 
  • The SBA-5 is user programmable making it a perfect solution for custom applications.
  • Windows based software (GAS) is also available for use with the SBA-5 for monitoring and logging sensor data.