MJK Flow Converter 713



  • MJK Flow Converter 713 for measuring and recording water flow in open ducts and channels.
  • A complete instrument for the measuring of instantaneous flow and recording of accumulated water flow.
  • Can be adapted to any type of weir or flume.
  • The sensor provides a signal proportional to the level.
  • The amplifier linearizes the signal from the sensor so it is proportional with the flow rate.
  • Calculate flow on the basis of one of the three principles: preprogrammed formulas for different dimensions of the most common flumes and weirs such as Parshall, Venturi and Palmer Bouwlus flumes and retangular or V-notch weirs based on ISO 1438; when using non-standard flumes or weirs the existing calculation formula can be programmed; for flumes where no calculation formula exists, a number of known Level-flow values can be entered, on the basis of these a point-linearization is made.
  • 5 output relays which can be configured for PLC and SCADA Interface.
  • The relay function can be set to external totalizers counter,control of samplerhigh flow ratelow flow ratemax. flow / hourmin. flow / hourmax flow /daymin flow / day andsensor error.