Purite Labwater1 Deionisers
  • Purite Labwater1 Deionisers designed for the low volume infrequent user of pure water
  • Affordable and easy to use, featuring the unique Purite disposable cartridge
  • The Labwater 1 & 2 deionisers provide 1-10 litres per day of purified water for general applications in the laboratory direct from a mains supply. Water is produced instantly at between 30 and 60 litres per hour.
  • Pure water better than 1MΩ.cm, produced to BS EN ISO3696 Grade 2.
  • Each Labwater is wall mounted as standard to save bench space.
  • Easy installation and only require 12mm braided hose (not supplied) to connect the Labwater to a tap or stopcock. Both an outlet spout and flexible outlet pipe are supplied as standard.
  • Each unit can be used immediately after installation by opening the inlet valve
  • No mains electricity is required because the purification process operates on feedwater pressure. A meter is not required because the cartridge incorporates a colour-change window.