Skye Spectral Radiometers
  • Skye is pleased to announce the introduction of brand new multi-channel sensors, which have been designed especially for long term installation applications such as on Flux Towers.
  • The new design can be built with up to 4 channels of ‘user choice’ wavelengths from 400 to 2500nm and ‘user choice’ band widths from 5nm upwards.  
  • Internal optical parts can be fitted at the time of ordering to narrow the acceptance angle of the reflected sensor – the standard is a 25º field of view – for those researchers who are looking at very small areas.
  • The new radiometers have dedicated designs for radiance and irradiance measurements.  
  • The irradiance sensor is cosine-corrected.
  • The units are completely sealed against water ingress and meet the IP68 rating.
  • The Sensors have been specially designed so that there are no oriffices and crevices that could be utilised by insects for their homes.