PP-System Chlorophyll Fluorescence Module-CFM


  • PP-System Chlorophyll Fluorescence Module-CFM provides measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence using the Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) technique.
  • The pulsed fluorescence that is induced by the modulation beam is used to probe the efficiency of light-use for photosystem II photochemistry. 
  • LED light unit has been extensively redeveloped to include chlorophyll fluorescence detection capabilities, while retaining all normal functionality as an actinic light source for gas exchange measurements.
  • The modified unit provides the modulating beam, saturating pulses, far-red illumination and fluorescence detection required for fluorescence measurement, in a remarkably compact, solid-state and lightweight unit.
  • This requires no additional power sources.
  • Measure leaf gas exchange parameters, such as Assimilation (Pn), Internal CO2 (Ci), Stomatal Conductance (Gs), Evaporation/Transpiration (E), and Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD).
  • Measure chlorophyll fluorescence parameters, such as Fo, Fm, Fv, Fv/Fm (Max Yield), Fs, Fm', Fo', ΦPSII or ΔF/Fm' (Yield), qP, qNP, NPQ, PAR, TEMP and ETR
  • Developed for complete integration with the CIRAS range of systems.