Eijkelkamp e+ CONTROL
  • Eijkelkamp e+ CONTROL a handy and robust field instrument for programming and reading out all of the e+ sensors, including the e+ WATER L, e+ SOIL MCT, e+ RAIN and e+ OVERFLOW and Divers by Schlumberger Water Services.
  • It is a splash-proof device that can communicate with the e+ sensors through an e-SENSE cable.
  • Can read out a sensor with a single press of a button and store the measurement values in a file that can be simply transferred via USB to the PC later.
  • This file can be directly imported into e+ software.
  • Diver Office or other software to visualise and further process the data.
  • Its large storage capacity allows 1.000 e+ sensors to be read problem free.
  • The instrument can be adjusted to various user levels.