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Product Features
  • Mobile moisture meter for soil and road salt.
  • Precise as a laboratory and as mobile as a cell phone.
  • IMKO HD2 measuring the soil moisture content, the soil conductivity EC, and the level of salt contamination.
  • Within two seconds, the moisture content value, the temperature, and the soil conductivity EC are displayed on the clear display. 
  • The probe TRIME-PICO64 measures with the new TRIME®-radar technology (Time-Domain-Reflectometry).

Electric Pressure / Vacuum Pump
Soil Moisture Electric Pressure / Vacuum Pump

Product Features
  • Battery-operated combination pump, with 2 batteries for total power of 24 AmpHours.
  • With both pressure (Pressure 0-100 psi; with max.presure setting) and vacuum (0-100 cb) gauges.
  • Soil Moisture Electric Pressure / Vacuum Pump comes with 2 each 3-foot long hoses, inline filter, and 110V Battery Charger, encased in a portable Pelikan case.

WaterScout SMEC 300 Soil Moisture/EC/Temperature Sensor
Spectrum WaterScout SMEC 300 Soil Moisture/EC/Temperature Sensor

Product Features
  • Capacitance-type soil moisture sensor.
  • Carbon ink electrodes provide large measuring surface for EC.
  • Easy, 1-step EC calibration process.
  • Spectrum WaterScout SMEC 300 Soil Moisture/EC/Temperature Sensor can be read with the FieldScout Soil Sensor Reader or WatchDog 2000 and 1000 Series Stations
  • Connect up to 2 sensors per station
  • Not compatible with 400/200 loggers. 
  • WatchDog Stations sold prior to 2012 must be upgraded. 

Auger Edelman clay
Eijkelkamp Auger Edelman Clay

Product Features
  • Allows minimum friction during soil penetration.
  • Less physical effort for the extraction from soil.
  • Blades can be narrow to meet with little resistance.
  • Eijkelkamp Auger Edelman Clay available in several diameters, and/or various connections.
  • Standard bayonet connection or a conical screw thread connection.


Peat Sampler
Eijkelkamp 04.09 Peat Sampler

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 04.09 Peat Sampler a kind of gouge auger.
  • The peat sampler is pushed into the soil manually. The sample containing part is a half cylinder.
  • The sample containing section is sealed off by a plate (fin) that can pivot around the axle in the middle of the sampler and that is fitted with a cutting edge on one side. 
  • Having arrived at the correct sampling depth the complete sampler is given half a turn clockwise (180°).
  • During the turning the fin remains in position which allows the half cylinder to be filled and closed again.
  • The half circular sample cylinder is kept closed by the other side of the fin during extraction.
  • Only suitable in flabby and very soft soils. To achieve maximum stability the connections between the T-handle, the extension rods and the bottom part have been executed as conic threaded connections.
  • The standard set consists of a T-handle with extension rods, an Edelman auger, a peat sampler, a push-/pull handle, tools, maintenance kit and a fibre glass utility probe. The whole is kept in a sturdy aluminum transport case.

Shear test apparatus
Eijkelkamp 08.68 Shear Test Apparatus

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 08.68 Shear Test Apparatus measures the shear stress of an undisturbed soil sample.
  • During the measurement soil water matrix, compression stress and vertical displacement are simultaneously measured.
  • The apparatus is operating computer controlled using multifunctional software for executing measurement protocols and visualised data presentation.
  • The samples are taken in a soil sample ring Ø 103 x 100 mm, height 30 mm, contents 235 cc

Rhizon Soil Moisture Sampling Set
Eijkelkamp 19.21.SA Rhizon Soil Moisture Sampling Set

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 19.21.SA Rhizon Soil Moisture Sampling Set available in a standard set with: Rhizon soil moisture samplers, type MOM, with a length of 10 cm (complete with PVC/PE tubing, connectors and protective caps), a set needles with protective caps and a set of glass vacuum tubes with a 9 ml contents.
  • Can be extended with various accessories such as: short Rhizon soil moisture samplers (5 cm porous material), syringes (to be used instead of vacuum tubes) connectors for connecting the syringes (including spacers for blocking the syringes), (black) PE extension tube, silicone connecting tubing to connect the extension tubing to the soil moisture samplers.
  • The Macro Rhizon soil moisture sampler is especially suited for use in the field.
  • The sampler has a length of 9 cm and a diameter of 4.5 mm. For installation at greater depths a standard sampler with PVC extension pipe can be used.
  • Very suitable for pot-, cylinder-, and column research (Macro Rhizons for field research).
  • Used when several soil solution samples are needed of the same soil volume in the research of plant uptake of soluble nutrients as nitrate, solubility of metals in soil, transport of soluble components in soil, accumulation of salts and environmental research.

Auger Edelman combination
Eijkelkamp Auger Edelman Combination

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp Auger Edelman Combination blades can be narrow to meet with little resistance.
  • Blades are slightly broader and rounder than those of clay type, permitting a good hold of moderately cohesive soils.
  • Elongated bit allowing easy augering in stiffer soil.
  • Available in several diameters, and/or various connections.
  • Standard bayonet connection or a conical screw thread connection.

Ekman Grab
Eijkelkamp 04.34 Ekman Grab

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 04.34 Ekman Grab for use in soft sediment that is free from plant growth.
  • Two thin hinging flaps are open while the grab is lowered. The flaps close when a drop-weight is dropped (cable operated) or a button is pressed (rod operated).
  • The pressure of the sample prevents much loss of material.
  • Small stones or stalks may prevent the grab from closing properly.
  •  The grab holds 3.5 litre and the dimensions are 152 x 152 x 152 mm.
  • A rod of 1.5 m in length is also available for the rod-operated use in shallow water.

Pressure Plate Cell
Soil Moisture Pressure Plate Cell

Product Features
  • Soil Moisture Pressure Plate Cell used for soil water retention measurements and extractions
  • The widest selection of 0.5 bar to 15 bar
  • Reusable for years of cost effective service
  • Each plate tested for air entry and flow
  • Fits all pressure extractors and most competitive extractors