Ground Water Sampling & Monitoring

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Seba Dipper-PT

Product Features
  • Ruggedised stainless-steel housing for use in extreme conditions(e.g. monitoring of landfill sites, contaminated land, etc.).
  • Slim 22mm Ø, 300mm lengh for installation in well casings starting at 1“
  • Large 4MB loop memory for 280.000 measurement values. (More than enough to be able to turn your attention away from the calendar, even with short measuring intervals.)
  • Minimal maintenance required due to low power consumption. Two lithium batteries ensure high operational reliability and have an approximate lifespan of 8-10 years. This reduced maintenance regime saves operational costs and is kind to the environment.

Data Logger Dipper-PTEC
Seba Data Logger Dipper-PTEC

Product Features
  • Seba Data Logger Dipper-PTEC is multiparameter sensor with integrated data logger for water level, temperature and electric conductivity / salinity.
  • Dipper-PTEC can be used in casings starting from 1''.

Protection Device For Artesian Wells
Seba Protection Device For Artesian Wells

Product Features
  • With valve and control opening device.
  • Seba Protection Device For Artesian Wells all sizes available.

Groundwater Sampler Type KLL-S
Seba Groundwater Sampler Type KLL-S

Product Features
  • Seba Groundwater Sampler Type KLL-S portable product for exact water sampling from each desired depth.
  • No mixed samples.
  • Available as  2" and 4" version with 0,5 and 1 l sampling volume.

SEBA Top Piece - The Original
SEBA Top Piece - The Original

Product Features
  • SEBA Top Piece - The Original the ideal enclosure for groundwater observation wells.
  • With standard or safety lock.
  • Available sizes: 1,5" to  6" diameter.

Water Tight Top Piece
Seba Water Tight Top Piece

Product Features
  • Seba Water Tight Top Piece special constructed Top Piece with water tight inset.


Product Features


      Reliable and robust
      Precise and off ers long-term stability
      Slender construction
      Easy operation
      Individually programmable
      Practically maintenance-free



Product Features
  • TPS easyFLOW-VS is a variable speed pump.
  • The speed can be varied either by using the Dose Rate control manually or via External Control.
  • External variable speed control can be either 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 1 V DC. 
  • Pump rate for the standard unit is 5 L/Hr at full speed.
  • With the small squeeze tube fitted, full speed is 1.6 L/Hr. 
  • External On / Off Control
  • Fully waterproof to IP65.
  • Certified in accordance with the AS/NZS ISO 9001 standard. 

PVS4150C Portable Water Sampler
Campbell Scientific PVS4150C Portable Water Sampler

Product Features
  • Has a watertight enclosure constructed of strong, lightweight, HPX® resin.
  • PVS4150C Portable Water Sampler designed for easy transport, the enclosure includes four press and pull latches, three soft-grip handles, in-line wheels, telescoping handle, and flush hinges.
  • Also has two hasps that can be padlocked, and quick connectors that facilitate intake hose removal.
  • The enclosure has cavity space for two Zero-Pak gel ice packs (#12396) to control the sample temperature.
  • Uses an external vacuum pump to draw water through intake tubing.
  • Faster sampling rates, longer sampling distances, and less maintenance.
  • Disturbs the water samples less.
  • Smaller than our larger models.
  • Its lightweight pump is able to take samples at over 5 ft/sec for horizontal draws of up to 25 ft.
  • An optional pressure/vacuum gage allows customers to know that the pump is functioning properly (see Ordering Info).

Synthetic Bailer Samplers
Eijkelkamp 12.16 Synthetic Bailer Samplers

Product Features
  • Supplied in various sizes and diameters.
  • Eijkelkamp 12.16 Synthetic Bailer Samplers is a special teflon coated cable can be delivered for lowering and raising the samplers.
  • For all sizes a teflon emptying device is available to allow drainage of the sampler without any aeration or turbulence.
  • HDPE and pvc disposable bailer samplers including bottom emptying device are also available.