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PAR Sensors
Skye PAR Sensors

Product Features
  • Traditionally used in plant growth studies. 
  • Skye PAR Sensors suitable for long term exposure and underwater applications, and splashproof models of the PAR Quantum & PAR Energy suitable for glasshouses, plant growth cabinets, etc.
  • The spectral response has been well researched and documented and is widely accepted as ‘the standard’.
  • The PAR Quantum has an output in micromols.m-2.s-1 and the PAR Energy in watts.m-2.
  • The PAR ‘Special’ has a response which has been tailored to match the light used by a typical green plant and gives an output in micromols.m-2.s-1.

LightScout DLI 100 Light Meter
Spectrum LightScout DLI 100 Light Meter

Product Features
  • Spectrum LightScout DLI 100 Light Meter compare light between three locations, simultaneously
  • Simple, one button operation
  • Displays light intensity levels every 4 seconds for 24 hours
  • An affordable, first step in measuring light
  • Measure PAR light (Photosynthetically Active Radiation)
  • With the push of a button, the meter runs for 24 hours and calculates your Daily Light Integral (DLI)
  • Real-time intensity levels are shown every 4 seconds in µmol·m-2·s-1 (or footcandles)
  • Packaged in sets of 3 light meters, or individually

Algae Torch
BBE Algae Torch

Product Features
  • BBE Algae Torch for the simultaneous quantification of the chlorophyll-a content of cyanobacteria and the total chlorophyll content of microalgae in water.
  • A complete measurement needs less than 20 seconds.
  • No sampling or preparation is necessary.
  • Measurement of algal concentrations via fluorescence
  • The intensity of the chlorophyll fluorescence is used to calculate the different algae as chlorophyll-a, here blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) and total microalgae.
  • The results are shown immediately on the display and stored in the internal memory.
  • An encapsulated USB port enables subsequent data transfer to a PC.
  • Automatic turbidity correction.
  • The instrument is deployable down to depth of 10 m (optionally 100 m).
  • Internal rechargeable batteries.

EMS 7 PAR Meter
S.W. Burrage EMS 7 PAR Meter

Product Features
  • EMS 7 is a portable photo system for the determination of the PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) above and within plant canopies.
  • As such it is very useful in plant physiological and ecological studies.
  • The system consists of two photo sensors: Reference and Sample.
  • The reference sensor is a 40 mm diameter PAR cell which is threaded for a standard tripod and is normally mounted above the canopy to be studied.
  • The reference sensor is linked to the sample box by a cable or a radio link.
  • The sample sensor is a PAR line sensor 850 mm in length which contains 32 cells covered by a diffuser giving a uniform integration over the sensor length.

Decagon LP-80 Ceptometer
Decagon LP-80 Ceptometer

Product Features
  • Decagon LP-80 Ceptometer is a lightweight, portable, linear photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) sensor.
  • It lets you measure canopy PAR interception and calculate leaf area index (LAI) at any location within a plant or forest canopy. 
  • PAR data can be used with other climate data to estimate biomass production without destroying the crop.
  • PAR is also important in determining other canopy processes; such as radiation interception, energy conversion, momentum, gas exchange, precipitation interception, and evapotranspiration.
  • Uses radiation measurements and other parameters to accurately calculate leaf area index (LAI) non-destructively in real time, in the field.

UVA Sensor
Skye UVA Sensor

Product Features
  • Skye UVA Sensor to measure the UVA (315-400nm) parts of sunlight.
  • Components used have been selected for their stability in a UV environment.
  • The bandwidth characteristics are tailored to the ISO standard.

Portable Leaf Area Meter For Diseased Leaves
Eijkelkamp 19.13 Portable Leaf Area Meter For Diseased Leaves

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 19.13 Portable Leaf Area Meter For Diseased Leaves suitable for non-destructive measurement of leaf surfaces that are affected by diseases
  • The measurements are done by means of user friendly, menu driven software.
  • The meter consists of a high resolution scanner and a scan board with integrated data processing and storage.
  • Provided with a large graphical display, allowing direct read out of the measured parameters of the scanned leaf.
  • The measurements can be shown in mm, cm or inches, and are stored together with leaf images.
  • The leaf area meter has a memory size for approximately 2000 measurements.
  • The data can be transmitted via an RS232 interface to a printer or PC.
  • The meter is supplied including battery charger, scan board, software and RS232 cable.

AquaPen-C AP-C 100
PSI AquaPen-C AP-C 100

Product Features
  • PSI AquaPen-C AP-C 100 is a new cuvette version of the popular FluorPen fluorometer.
  • Optimized for measuring chlorophyll fluorescence in green algae and cyanobacteria.
  • AquaPen sensitivity 500 ng Chl/l enables measuring in natural water.
  • Applications include photosynthesis research & education, biotechnology and limnology & oceanography.


Product Features
  • Compact GFL liquid fluorometer for field studies
  • GFL-1a provides easily interchangeable filter sets
  • Easy conversion from discrete measuring samples to a flow through chamber, a water resistant case, and very high sensitivity

Arch FC 900-A
PSI Arch FC 900-A

Product Features
  • PSI Arch FC 900-A a customized fluorescence imaging system for three-dimensional studies.
  • Large plants can be analyzed from various positions without the need to move them.