Soil Gas Sampling

Soil Oxygen Content Analysis System
Eijkelkamp 14.35 Soil Oxygen Content Analysis System

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 14.35 Soil Oxygen Content Analysis System consists of a short soil probe and an oxygen content meter.
  • The probe is pushed into the soil manually. Once at the right depth the probe is lifted slightly. In this way the probe opens itself.
  • Next, the oxygen content meter is connected to the probe and, using a bellows, soil gas is drawn through the meter and the O2 content is measured, and with that an important growing parameter for trees and plants, can be read.
  • The probe has a small dead volume, so that a measurement can be executed accurately within minutes.
  • The oxygen content meter operates with an electrochemical cell.
  • This cell has a limited service life (about 1.5 years), but can be calibrated easily with air (21%) and with a gas free of oxygen (natural gas, nitrogen).

Oxygen Diffusion Meter
Eijkelkamp 14.36 Oxygen Diffusion Meter

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 14.36 Oxygen Diffusion Meter to measures the mobility of oxygen in the soil.
  • The method: measuring the electric current required for the reduction of all oxygen present at the surface of a cylindrical Pt-electrode in the soil.
  • The flow of oxygen through the air-filled pores and the water film on the electrode is measured until the steady state is reached.
  • The Oxygen Diffusion Rate (ODR) probe (Pt-electrode) should be placed in undisturbed soil.
  • The meter provides a stabilized voltage between the ODR-probe and the Ag-AgCl-reference electrode.
  • Can also be used to perform a redox-potential measurement.
  • The measuring system consists of a read-out unit with connecting facilities for three ODR-probes, one ODRprobe, one Ag-AgCl reference electrode, KCl-solution and a brass electrode. The reference electrode is used for measuring and checking the potential between the Pt-electrode and the soil. The brass electrode is used to close the electrical circuit.
  • The measuring range for oxygen diffusion is 0 - 999 μA and for Redox 0 - 999 mV (resolution resp. 1 μA and 1 mV).
  • Accuracy +/- 3 μA and +/- 3 mV.
  • Operating temperature between 0 and 50 °C and an air humidity between 30 - 80%.