Velocity Measurement & Monitoring

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StreamPro ADCP
Seba StreamPro ADCP

Product Features

  • Seba StreamPro ADCP Easy and accurate discharge measurement with the moving-boat-method.
  • For water depths from 20cm - 200cm (optionally up to 600cm) and velocities up to 5 m/s. 

Universal Current Meter Type F1
Seba Universal Current Meter Type F1

Product Features
  • The propellor type current meter for traditional discharge measurements.
  • Seba Universal Current Meter Type F1 made of stainless steel with very robust axle and ball bearings.

RiverRay ADCP
Seba RiverRay ADCP

Product Features
  • Modern and comfortable discharge measurements.
  • Seba RiverRay ADCP For water depths from 0.6m - 40m and flow velocities up to max. 5m/s.
  • The combination of latest technology and easy handling will make your next measurement an innovative experience.


Counter type Z6
Seba Counter Type Z6

Product Features
  • Seba Counter Type Z6 robust electronic counter for current meters with possibility of velocity calculation by using the calibration formulas.

Seba AquaProfiler – stationary system

Product Features
  • The stationary AquaProfiler system uses the Pulse Spectral Correlation Method and is available with sensors of a range from 1 up to 120m.
  • Due to that the application can be in small channels or big rivers.
  • The ultrasonic velocity sensor can be mounted either horizontally or vertically.
  • The integrated pressure sensor measures automatically the water level.

ADCP Channelmaster - RDI
SEBA ADCP Channelmaster

Product Features
  • Seba ADCP Channelmaster to measure the velocity of rivers, streams, estuaries, channels, ports and harbours, across a channel up to 300 meters wide.
  • This two-beam ADCP is installed horizontally to obtain high-accuracy (0.2 cm/sec) velocity data, across a channel, using 1 to 128 cells over the range from 1m to the maximum range of the chosen instrument.
  • There are three frequency options to choose from.
  • This enables user maximize the resolution of their measurements across a channel of a specific width.
  • The maximum range (width) for each option is: 300m (300kHz), 90m (600kHz), 20m (1200kHz).
  • Particularly good at measuring low flows and turbulence, something that conventional mechanical meters can't do.
  • Has an acoustic level sensor and pressure sensor to measure water level.

Cable Way Installations
Seba Cable Way Installations

Product Features
  • Seba Cable Way Installations fits the latest safety standards for discharge measurement in rivers.
  • Mechanical or electrical winches with different cable tensioning devices.

Mobile Bridge Jib For Winch Type SEWII
Seba Mobile Bridge Jib For Winch Type SEWII

Product Features
  • Seba Mobile Bridge Jib For Winch Type SEWII for measurements from bridges with cable suspended F1 current meter equipment 5 to 50 kg.
  • Easy handling, quick mounting.
  • Comfortable multi-place measurements.
  • Special version for up to 100 kg available.

Mini Current Meter Type M1
Seba Mini Current Meter Type M1

Product Features
  • Seba Mini Current Meter Type M1 is the small current meter for discharge measurements for shallow waters in small rivers, channels and laboratories.

Electromagnetic Current Meter Type FlowSens
Seba Electromagnetic Current Meter Type FlowSens

Product Features
  • Seba Electromagnetic Current Meter Type FlowSens small sensor has been designed for use in open channels where fouling by weed or sewage can be a problem.