Water Quality Testing

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Spectral-8 or Real-time Optical Measurement of BOD, COD, TOC, NO3

Product Features

The Spectral-8 spectrometer UV/Vis is an optical instrument for the continuous measurement of multiple parameter directly in the medium. Using full spectral information, it determines organics (COD, BOD, TOC, UV254), nitrate, turbidity, suspended solids, and many more, with a single device. Advanced algorithms provide accurate and reliable readings, and eliminate interferences (e.g. turbidity). Fully integrated in the Eijkelkamp Web Portal for online visualization of measurement results and integration with your other monitoring solutions. Supports remote calibration and device configuration.


  • Wastewater treatment plants (influent, effluent, process control)
  • Industrial application (process water, wastewater treatment)
  • Wastewater collection systems (load monitoring, corrosion protection)
  • Water reclamation, reuse and irrigation
  • Environmental Monitoring (surface water monitoring)
  • Aquaculture and fish farming
  • Landfill leachate monitoring
  • Drinking water (source monitoring, process control, early warning of contaminations)
  • Ground water management

Real-time results, directly from the process

  • Real time sensor
  • In-situ installation (no sampling or sample pretreatment)
  • 100% optical (no reagents, long term stable, simple to use)
  • Small size sensor probe (allows in-situ and in-pipe installations)
  • Minimal operating costs (no consumables, automatic cleaning, minimal maintenance)

MJK pHix ® Compact, pH, Redox And Temperature Transmitter

Product Features


  • MJK pHix ® Compact, pH, Redox And Temperature Transmitter allows for simple installation in pipes and open tanks and eliminates additional fittings.
  • Includes electrodes, fittings, cables and transmitter built together in one unit.
  • Fully submersible 4-20 mA transmitter including electrode.
  • No connectors or electrode-to-transmitter cables.
  • Eliminates problems with humidity and electrical noise.
  • Large reference junction very resistant to clogging and hence measuring errors due to clogging.
  • Very robust - designed for water/wastewater and industrial applications
  • Unique simple and easy buffer adjustment
  • Low impedance sensor, offers stable and accurate measurements, even at low temperatures and low ion activity
  • Automatic temperature compensation for pH always included
  • Additional 4-20 mA output for temperature 0-50°C (0-80°C) / 32-122°F (32-120°F) as option
  • Electrode with long lifetime and reduced maintenance

Electric Contact Meter Type KLL-Q-2
Seba Electric Contact Meter Type KLL-Q

Product Features
  • Seba Electric Contact Meter Type KLL-Q can be used in groundwater, lakes and reservoires down to 500 m depth.
  • All standard quality parameters available. 
  • Now new: with graduated round cable and additional optical sensors: Cyanobacteria, Rhodamine WT and O2.


Product Features
  • For measuring sludge concentration in waste water plants and turbidity at waterworks.
  • The MJK SuSix® sensors’ 6 optical windows and its patented measuring system delivers measurements from turbidity in clean drinking water to suspended solids in heavy sludge, all from only one sensor model.
  • The ranges covered in turbidity are 0,001 to 9999 FNU / NTU / FTU and suspended solids in the range from 0,001g/l to 400 g/l.
  • Easy calibration 
  • Strong correlation with laboratory results
  • High stability 
  • Universal sensor 
  • Built-in cleaning system (option) 
  • Built-in logger 
  • Network ready

MJK Oxix ® Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter

Product Features
  • MJK Oxix ® Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter to measure dissolved oxygen in water and wastewater processes.
  • When the sensor’s built in tubing connection is connected to a valved air or water line, a regular flushing of the optics can be controlled by the converter.
  • The sensor utilizes an optical technique that does not consume oxygen like all standard membrane sensors.
  • The sensor has a light source (LED) transmitting light at a specific wave length to the backside of the optical window covered with a special gel.
  • A fluorescing process occurs depending on the amount of dissolved oxygen in the liquid and the sensor determinate the oxygen level as a function of the fluorescing process.
  • The sensor has a range of 0 – 25 ppm, with a resolution of 0,02 ppm and an accuracy of 1 % or 0,02 ppm.
  • The temperature range is 0 - 50°C / 32-122°F 
  • The converter has a logical menu structure with mobile phone type navigation.
  • A number of selectable languages in the large graphical display.
  • The display indicates the measurement in engineering units and has a built-in data logger with a memory of 160.000 data points with time/date stamp.
  • The logged measurements can easily be transferred as a CSV file to a PC using the buil-in USB port and this allows easy spreadsheet data analysis.
  • The converter has a 4-20mA output, two relays for control or alarms, and a digital input for automatic range changes and more calibration curves.
  • Alarms are also indicated as pop-up menus and stored in the converter’s alarm log.
  • The display is configured by the operator so only the relevant data are indicated with an option to name the display with a site tag name or number.
  • The converter has a time function to control the cleaning system for the sensor for almost maintenance free operation. 
  • Converter can work in networks with other Oxix® units, other MJK products, or with third party SCADA and telemetry systems via is RS485 Modbus communications.
  • The display can supervise, set-up and operate up to four Oxix®or other MJK devices for enhanced economies of space and lower cost.
  • The MJK Oxix® Ball Float rises and falls with the water level keeping the MJK Oxix® Transmitter right where it needs to be.  
  • A mounting kit with a float has been developed which holds the Oxix® sensor at the optimal measurement depth.



Seba Checker-2

Product Features
  • The portable instrument for water quality measurement in rivers.
  • Seba Checker-2 for connection of multiparameter probes MPS-D3, MPS-D8 and MPS-K16.
  • Parameters: °C, conductivity, salinity, O2, pH, ORP, NH3, NO3-, Cl-, NH4+, Na+, Ca2+, F-, K+, turbidity, Chl a etc.

Multiparameter Sensor MPS-K16
Seba Multiparameter Sensor MPS-K16

Product Features
  • Up to 17 parameters can be measured: Water level, °C, Conductivity, Salinity, O2, pH, ORP, NH3, NO3-, Cl-, NH4+, Na+, Ca2+, F-, K+, Turbidity, Chl a, Cyano Bacteria and Rhodamine WT.
  • Seba Multiparameter Sensor MPS-K16 for use with data logger MDS-5.

Multiparameter Sensor MPS-D8
Seba Multiparameter Sensor MPS-D8

Product Features
  • 13 parameters can be measured: water level, °C, conductivity, salinity, O2, pH, ORP, NH3, NO3-, Cl-, NH4+, Na+, Ca2+, F-, K+ and turbidity.
  • Seba Multiparameter Sensor MPS-D8 for use with data logger MDS-5.

Multiparameter Sensor MPS-D3
Seba Multiparameter Sensor MPS-D3

Product Features
  • Seba Multiparameter Sensor MPS-D3 is digital sensor with 3/4 electrodes for water level, temperature and electric conductivity / salinity and TDS.
  • For use with data logger MDS 5 or LogCom / FlashCom online systems.

Fluid Flow Loggin Type KLL-Q-M1
Seba Fluid Flow Loggin Type KLL-Q-M1

Product Features
  • Seba Fluid Flow Loggin Type KLL-Q-M1 for vertical measurement of flow velocity and water quality.