Software Analysis

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Seba WinBedien

Product Features
  • Seba WinBedien operation software for programming and download of data loggers ( type MDS, RDS, Floater, Dipper ) Output of ASCII files.
  • Online calling with modems.

Software Qce
Seba Software Qce

Product Features
  • With SEBA Qce the HDA stores and visualises propulsion measurements.
  • Seba Software Qce data exchange is effected on your PC via Software Q 3.0.
  • The convenient HDA combines counter and written information in one handy, light and waterproof tool.

Software Q
Seba Software Q

Product Features
  • Seba Software Q is professional software for acquisition, evaluation and management of discharge.
  • Includes data base for different current meters and field stations. 


Product Features
  • SEBAConfig is operation software for programming and download of data loggers and digital sensors. 

Seba DEMASvis

Product Features
  • Seba DEMASvis is modern software for evaluation of measuring data.
  • Different correction functions are available.
  • Import and export of ASCII files is possible. 


Product Features
  • SEBA-Hydrocenter an internet portal for visualisation of GPRS transmitted measured data in grafical and list form. Simple download in ASCII format.

Seba DEMASdb

Product Features
  • Seba DEMASdb is data evaluation, management, processing and alarm software with SQL data base.
  • 32-bit structure with fully network and multiuser functionality.

NIWA Flosys

Product Features
  • NIWA Flosys is software that controls the collection of data via radio or telephone networks.
  • The data is then stored in a Tideda database which can be accessed from Flosys, Tideda or Excel.
  • Telemetry software for a multi-user PC environment integrated with the Tideda database
  • The collection of data and handling of alarms is done at only one point, the PC running Flosys server.
  • "On demand" data collection, displays of data, maps and alarms is done from Flosys for Windows.
  • Any number of PCs can be running this software allowing multi-user access to the telemetry.

NIWA Tideda - Time Dependent Data

Product Features
  • Can input data from any digitiser and any chart type.
  • NIWA Tideda - Time Dependent Data excellent manual data entry features.
  • Can accept data input from many dataloggers and ASCII text file formats.
  • Can be integrated with telemetry.
  • Data can be stored at any resolution down to one second.
  • Data can be stored at any interval(s).
  • There is no need to distinguish between fixed and non fixed interval data.
  • Data is easily managed as all data types and sites can be kept in just one file.
  • There is no limit to the number of sites or quantity of data in a file.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • A database for archiving, managing, and analysing hydrological data and so avoids unnecessary complexity.
  • A DOS version is available which would allow any old PCs to continue to be useful for data entry purposes (Manual entry or digitising).
  • File format is fully compatible between DOS, Windows and all releases of Tideda.
  • Sold as a "site licence", up to 10 users at one site.


Product Features
  • A mobile phone application for downloading data wirelessly from Diver groundwater dataloggers.
  • Diver-Mobile provides an easy and efficient way to collect groundwater data in combination with Diver-NETZ hardware
  • Data Collection Software for Wireless Groundwater Monitoring
  • Easy-to-use mobile phone application designed for the Diver-NETZ wireless groundwater monitoring system
  • Display deployed groundwater dataloggers up to a distance of 500m
  • Wirelessly download data to user mobile phone from multiple dataloggers automatically
  • Automatically send downloaded data to user office (FTP server) via a cellular network
  • Smart data downloading ensures only new data is downloaded eliminating data overlap and time spent in the field