Waste Water Treatment

MJK Oxix ® Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter

Product Features
  • MJK Oxix ® Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter to measure dissolved oxygen in water and wastewater processes.
  • When the sensor’s built in tubing connection is connected to a valved air or water line, a regular flushing of the optics can be controlled by the converter.
  • The sensor utilizes an optical technique that does not consume oxygen like all standard membrane sensors.
  • The sensor has a light source (LED) transmitting light at a specific wave length to the backside of the optical window covered with a special gel.
  • A fluorescing process occurs depending on the amount of dissolved oxygen in the liquid and the sensor determinate the oxygen level as a function of the fluorescing process.
  • The sensor has a range of 0 – 25 ppm, with a resolution of 0,02 ppm and an accuracy of 1 % or 0,02 ppm.
  • The temperature range is 0 - 50°C / 32-122°F 
  • The converter has a logical menu structure with mobile phone type navigation.
  • A number of selectable languages in the large graphical display.
  • The display indicates the measurement in engineering units and has a built-in data logger with a memory of 160.000 data points with time/date stamp.
  • The logged measurements can easily be transferred as a CSV file to a PC using the buil-in USB port and this allows easy spreadsheet data analysis.
  • The converter has a 4-20mA output, two relays for control or alarms, and a digital input for automatic range changes and more calibration curves.
  • Alarms are also indicated as pop-up menus and stored in the converter’s alarm log.
  • The display is configured by the operator so only the relevant data are indicated with an option to name the display with a site tag name or number.
  • The converter has a time function to control the cleaning system for the sensor for almost maintenance free operation. 
  • Converter can work in networks with other Oxix® units, other MJK products, or with third party SCADA and telemetry systems via is RS485 Modbus communications.
  • The display can supervise, set-up and operate up to four Oxix®or other MJK devices for enhanced economies of space and lower cost.
  • The MJK Oxix® Ball Float rises and falls with the water level keeping the MJK Oxix® Transmitter right where it needs to be.  
  • A mounting kit with a float has been developed which holds the Oxix® sensor at the optimal measurement depth.



MJK Liquid Sampler 780

Product Features
  • MJK Liquid Sampler 780 used to take samples from lakes, rivers, sewage systems, pumping stations, etc.
  • Can be connected directly to MJK Flow Converter 713, for flow proportional sampling.
  • It uses the pressure and vacuum sampling method.
  • When the sampler receives the start signal from either the control panel or an external controller, the sample tube is pressurised to clear it of any residue from the previous sample.
  • The velocity of the suction must be >0,5 m/s.

MJK My Connect ® RTU Unit

Product Features
  • An integrated control and monitoring Instrument.
  • MJK My Connect ® RTU Unit for the control of pumping stations, small wastewater treatment plants and to measure and record over flow, control filters, raw water pumps and booster pumps for water supply pump stations.
  • Has advanced features for power optimization of pumps with the control of frequency and has functions for calculation, data logging and communication with SCADA systems.
  • Has WIFI built-in and is operated with a PC program Instrument Link and can be monitored and updated with a smart phone with graphic and flexible access to data and controls.
  • Data are read on a PC with MJK Instrument-Link or a Connect® display or just on user smart mobile phone that connects via the built-in WiFi.
  • The built-in WiFi allows user to view and monitor their control with MJK Pump Apps®.
  • It is modular and attached to a DIN rail mounting with a DIN rail bus system to simplify installation of additional I/O modules.
  • With a wide selection of I/O modules, it can be configured as simply as an alarm status device or with the full functionality of a multi-variable process control PLC.

MJK Connect ® RTU Unit

Product Features
  • Both pump controller and SCADA devices in a single unit.
  • MJK Connect ® RTU Unit control and monitoring of wastewater pumping and drinking water treatment installations.
  • Control of variable speed drives for optimizing energy consumption
  • Collecting data and data logging from flow and level instruments
  • Communication using public telephones, private lines, GSM, GPRS, UHF Radios, Ethernet, WiFi etc.
  • Can simultaneously handle pump control while performing other complex functions.
  • Comes with an input and output module (I/O board) with 16 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs 6 analogue inputs and 1 analogue output
  • Can be used as a pump control for up to 8 water pumps.
  • Able to manage two pumping operations simultaneously such as would be required in a combination of a rain and wastewater pumping station.
  • Has functionality to control and optimize raw- and pure water pumps to control filters with backflow return, or for controlling and monitoring of booster pumps at the water supply network.
  • Also handles monitoring of water towers, intrusion protection, collection and storage of measured values, recording night flow, etc.
  • Performs event/incident logging with an large capacity.
  • Has the capacity for 30.000 data points with data and time-stamp included.
  • Can perform feedback control from other pumping stations equipped with Connect® for system wide coordination.
  • Can calculate storm events, giving data for flow and volume based upon level measurement and pre-defined coalition between level and volume with the build-in internal storm flow function.

Raven Eye
FlowTronic Raven Eye

Product Features


  • Accurate flow measurement
  • Cost-effective
  • Portable or stationary version available
  • Non-contact: the sensor is positioned above the water surface
  • Easy installation
  • Robust IP68 (PU) enclosure
  • Totally sealed sensor: no joints, seals or screws
  • Developed for field applications
  • Velocity distribution analysis & self-learning technology for average velocity calculation
  • For channels from 100 mm and upwards
  • Easy integration with SCADA, PLC or telemetry systems
  • Direct RS485 interface available (no monitor or converter necessary)
  • One 4-20 mA configurable output
  • Perfect solution for difficult flow conditions: high solids content, high temperature, shallow and caustic flows, high velocities and large open channels
  • No maintenance
  • Auto-diagnostic system


Product Features


  • High measurement reliability
  • Ease of use
  • Minimum operation costs
  • The innovative spectral measurement technique allows the detection of Nitrate and Nitrite directly in the process.
  • The optical measurement method eliminates time consuming steps such as sample taking and preparation.
  • Optimized for municipal wastewater treatment plants these sensors can measure nitrate and TSS or up to 3 carbon parameters depending on the model.