Plant Root Survey

Leaf Area/Root Length Systems
Skye Leaf Area/Root Length Systems

Product Features


  • Skye Leaf Area/Root Length Systems more analysis and measurement features
  • Software uses direct connection to USB cameras
  • NON-DESTRUCTIVE option for leaves for use in the field
  • Traditional laboratory system with a light box
  • Dedicated Leaf Area & Analysis software
  • Dedicated Root Length & Analysis software
  • SkyeLeaf and SkyeRoot programs can now capture images at the click of a button from USB “Plug & Play” video cameras or scanners.
  • Photos taken with digital cameras or even mobile phones can also be easily imported for analysis.


Regent WinRHIZO

Product Features
  • Regent WinRHIZO is an image analysis system specifically designed for root measurement in different forms.
  • It can do morphology (length, area, volume...), topology, architecture and color analyses.
  • WinRHIZO automatically or interactively analyses washed roots
  • WinRHIZO displays the analysis over the image
  • Measurement data of the sample under analysis is summarized on screen and is available in detail in data files.