Image Analysis System

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Arch FC 900-A
PSI Arch FC 900-A

Product Features
  • PSI Arch FC 900-A a customized fluorescence imaging system for three-dimensional studies.
  • Large plants can be analyzed from various positions without the need to move them.

Leaf Area/Root Length Systems
Skye Leaf Area/Root Length Systems

Product Features


  • Skye Leaf Area/Root Length Systems more analysis and measurement features
  • Software uses direct connection to USB cameras
  • NON-DESTRUCTIVE option for leaves for use in the field
  • Traditional laboratory system with a light box
  • Dedicated Leaf Area & Analysis software
  • Dedicated Root Length & Analysis software
  • SkyeLeaf and SkyeRoot programs can now capture images at the click of a button from USB “Plug & Play” video cameras or scanners.
  • Photos taken with digital cameras or even mobile phones can also be easily imported for analysis.


IPM Scope
Spectrum IPM Scope

Product Features
  • Spectrum IPM Scope view live images on the computer screen
  • Measures 40X and 140X magnification
  • Completely portable when connected to a laptop computer
  • Archive still images or send files via e-mail
  • Add labels, markers, time stamps and measurement scale
  • Draw directly on the live image
  • Combines a digital camera, precision optics and LED lighting into a powerful handheld microscope
  • Connects to user computer’s USB port
  • Includes software required to capture and archive your still images
  • Software allows user to customize their images with labels, markers, time stamps and measurement scale
  • Video software upgrade provides the ability to capture live videos and time lapse sequences of insect movement

IPM Scope CAM2
Spectrum IPM Scope CAM2

Product Features
  • The 2 megapixel IPM Scope CAM2 allows user to capture high resolution pictures and videos in the field. 
  • Spectrum IPM Scope CAM2 view pictures instantly on the built-in LCD display and then transfer them via USB cable to a PC. 
  • The LED lighted unit features 10x and 40x optical zoom and up to 200x digital zoom. 
  • The scope has a battery life of up to 5 hours and includes an adjustable-height stand.
  • 2.8 inch LCD display
  • 2GB internal flash memory
  • Easy to use touch pad controls
  • 4 built in white-light LED’s with brightness control
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery

Spectrum Macroscopes

Product Features
  • Macroscope 25 provides 25X magnification over a wide 5 mm (3/16 in) field of view
  • Macroscope 45 provides 45X magnification over a wide 3 mm (2/16 in) field of view
  • Positionally correct image includes an interchangeable scale
  • Incorporates a measuring scale providing measurements in inches or millimeters
  • Spectrum Macroscopes can be used for distance viewing when close-up lens is removed

Open FluorCam FC 800-O
PSI Open FluorCam FC 800-O

Product Features
  • PSI Open FluorCam FC 800-O a highly modular instrument with flexible geometry.
  • The LED panels and the light source generating saturating flashes can be arranged at various angles and distances from the sample.
  • Also, the position of the camera relative to the sample is adjustable.

Closed FC 800-C
PSI Closed FC 800-C

Product Features
  • Represents a highly innovative, world-wide used system of multispectral kinetic fluorescence imaging.
  • PSI Closed FC 800-C consists of a CCD camera and four fixed LED panels.
  • The LED panels provide uniform irradiance over samples up to 13 x 13 cm – suitable for small plants, detached leaves, algal dilutions, etc.
  • The system allows dark adaptation.

Closed GFPCam FC 800-C/1010GFP
PSI Closed GFPCam FC 800-C/1010GFP

Product Features
  • Serves for various applications using green fluorescent proteins in molecular and cellular biology.
  • Equipped with a motorized, software-controlled filter wheel, which provides quick and simple transition between the GFP and chlorophyl fluorescence detection and imaging.

Handy FC 1000-H
PSI Handy FC 1000-H

Product Features
  • PSI Handy FC 1000-H a portable system designed for kinetically resolved fluorescence imaging of leaves and small plants both in a field and laboratory.
  • The whole instrument can be carried in a convenient bag over the shoulder and can run on batteries.

Handy GFPCam FC 1000-H/GFP
PSI Handy GFPCam FC 1000-H/GFP

Product Features
  • PSI Handy GFPCam FC 1000-H/GFP a modified version of the popular Handy FluorCam.
  • Its unique construction allows both GFP imaging and chlorophyll fluorescence imaging.
  • It can be favorably used for lab and field experiments.