Signal Processing

MJK A / MA-Converter

Product Features
  • MJK A / MA-Converter used for monitoring of motor current where the motor current from one of the phase conductors is converted to a mA signal, so the motor current can be used for control, monitoring and recording.
  • The converter is supplied with two separate channels, which is ideal for supervision of the many pump stations equipped with two pumps
  • Inputs: Current transformers 10 / 30 A or 33 / 100 A
  • Output: 4 - 20 mA
  • Supply: 10 - 30 V DC
  • Accuracy: Better than ± 2 %
  • Temperature: - 20 … + 60 °C
  • Channels: 2
  • Enclosure: IP 22
  • Mounting: DIN-rail
  • Product series include Double A/mA converter, transformer for A/mA converter and transformer for A/mA converter

12 VDC Charger
MJK 12 VDC Charger

Product Features
  • Supply: 230 V AC or solar cell
  • Output: 13,6 V DC, max. 250mA
  • Din rail mounting
  • Open collector output for batteri monitoring (200146)
  • MJK 12 VDC Charger delivery program include battery charger, 230VAC and battery charger with battery monitoring


MJK Power Supply 515

Product Features
  • Supply: 230 / 115 V AC
  • Output: 24 V DC, max. 100 mA
  • Din rail mounting
  • MJK Power Supply 515 delivery program include power supply 515 230VAC 24VDC/0.1A

MJK Diff-Calc

Product Features
  • For calculating the difference between 4 - 20 mA signals from transmitters.
  • formeasurement of level differences where Diff-Calc is connected to two ultrasonic- or hydrostatic level transmitters.
  • MJK Diff-Calc can be used with all 4 - 20 mA signals, for calculation of temperature difference, difference between pH values etc.
  • Inputs: 2 x 4 - 20 mA
  • Voltage drop: < 1 V
  • Output: 4 - 20 mA
  • Supply: 10 - 30 V DC
  • Temperature: - 20 … + 60 °C
  • Accuracy: < 1 %
  • Enclosure: IP 22
  • Mounting: DIN rail


MJK Digital Indicators

Product Features
  • MJK Digital Indicators used for indication of measured values.
  • Supplied with LCD or LED display for panel or local mounting.
  • Have a window in which the symbol for the engineering unit is shown.
  • A pre-printed sheet with the common engineering units is supplied together with the indicator.
  • Calibration and adjustment are made on the back of the indicator.
  • A built-in circuit for simulation of the 0-point and span so adjustment can be made without using measuring and test equipment.
  • The indicators have plugable terminals for quick service.
  • Available in 531 Digital Indicator (4 - 20 mA loop supplied indicator with 3½-digit LCD display, enclosure for outdoor mounting), 532 Digital Indicator (4 - 20 mA loop supplied indicator with 3½-digit LCD display, for 48 x 96 mm ( 1/8 DIN) panel cut-out) and 533 Digital Indicator (Indicator with 3½-digit LED display, for 48 x 96 mm (1/8DIN) panel cut-out, built-in power supply for 2- or 3-wire 4-20mA transmitter and 2 limit relays for alarm or control)

MJK Isolation Amplifiers

Product Features
  • MJK Isolation Amplifiers used for galvanic separation of measuring circuits and power supply to 2-wire and 3-wire transmitters, thus saving a separate power supply.
  • Product series include isolation amplifier for field mounting and isolation amplifier panel mounting.

MJK mA-Bus Converter™

Product Features
  • MJK mA-Bus Converter™ used when a measured value from a transmitter with analog mA signal is to be shown on an MJK display or made available to a SCADA system.
  • Translates any mA signal to Modbus® and can be used together with any MJK display series for flow, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, etc.
  • There are two configurations of the mA-Bus Converter™: one is in the standard MJK field housing with blind lid or display, the other is in the MJK wide field housing with a wide display and numeric keys.
  • The measured values are converted into Modbus values and displayed as engineering units.
  • The large built-in data logger of the display unit offers 160.000 time-stamped entries for one channel of the 4-20mA inputs.
  • A trend curve of the loggings for the overview by the local operator is easily retrieved and shown in the display simply by activating a one-push button on the unit.
  • The logged values can then be transferred as csv files to a PC.
  • By adding the plug-in Bus communication module to the MJK display series for flow, dissolved oxygen, turbidity etc,
  • The translated mA to Modbus® signal can be forwarded to PLC/SCADA as Profibus® or Modbus®.

MJK Surge And Lightning Protectors

Product Features
  • MJK Surge And Lightning Protectors used in applications where excessive voltages caused by lightning or other transient voltage can be expected.
  • MJK Surge Arresters are constructed with dual protection to cover both medium and high surge protection.
  • Available in Surge Arrester 2- Wire Panel, Surge Arrester 2- Wire Field, Surge Arrester 3- Wire Panel, Surge Arrester 3- Wire Field, Surge Arrester RS 485 Line Panel, Surge Arrester 230 VAC Panel Mains Arrestor, Surge Arrester PSTN Terminal Connections Panel, Surge Arrester PSTN RJ 11 Connector Panel, Surge Arrester 3- Wire Panel RS232, Surge Arresters For Magflux For Wall Mounting and Surge Arresters For Magflux For Sensor Mounting


Temperature Transmitter 561
MJK Temperature Transmitter 561

Product Features
  • The 4-20 mA loop powered temperature transmitter 561 is designed for temperature measurements in sewage plants and in industry.
  • The temperature transmitter 561 is delivered in IP 65 plastic cabinet for local mounting outdoors. As an option we deliver a loop powered display for mounting in the lid.
  • MJK Temperature Transmitter 561 delivery program include Temperature Transmitter 561-1310 2-wire 4-20mA -20-+30°C,  Temperature Transmitter 561-1320 2-wire 4-20mA -50-+50°C, Temperature Transmitter 561-1330, field 2-wire 4-20mA 0-+50°C, Temperature Transmitter 561-1340 2-wire 4-20mA 0-+100°C, Temperature Transmitter 561 2-wire 4-20mA -20-+30°C, Temperature Transmitter 561 2-wire 4-20mA -50-+50°C, Temperature Transmitter 561 2-wire 4-20mA 0-+50°C and Temperature Transmitter 561 2-wire 4-20mA 0-+100°C.