Data Logger

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Seba Unilog Light R

Product Features
  • The UnilogLight R of the new UnilogLight family is the successor of the RDS-2 
  • A low cost and compact rain logger for rain gauge measurement systems with tipping bucket rain gauges of type RG 50, RG 100 or weighing rain gauge system TRW.
  • It is fully maintenance free with LC-display and real time clock.

SEBA UnilogCom

Product Features
  • Customer friendly installation and operation
  • Possibility of event driven data acquisition
  • Analogue and digital input connection for any sensor type
  • Data storage capacity of 280.000 values
  • Watch-dog function for safe operation and high data security
  • Integrated GSM/GPRS modem
  • FTP data push option
  • Time server synchronization


Data Logger UniLog
Seba Data Logger UniLog

Product Features
  • Seba Data Logger UniLog is new generation multilogger for storage of analogue and digital measuring values.

CR1000 Data Logger For Measurement And Control
CR1000 Data Logger For Measurement And Control

Product Features
  • CR1000 Data Logger For Measurement And Control designed for unattended network applications
  • Consists of a measurement and control module and the CR1000WP, a detachable wiring panel
  • 4 MB SRAM for data storage, program storage and CPU usage
  • Additional data storage using CFM100 or NL115 Module with a CompactFlash® card
  • Data stored in table format
  • Operating system: PakBus®
  • Software support offered in LoggerNet 3.x, PC400 1.2, or ShortCut 2.2
  • Detachable keyboard/display, the CR1000KD, can be carried to multiple stations
  • TCP/IP communication, email send/receive, FTPClient/Server and web server (enabled via peripheral devices)


SpectroSense 2 GPS
Skye SpectroSense 2 GPS

Product Features
  • Has all the features and functionality of SpectroSense2+, but with the addition GPS.
  • Skye SpectroSense 2 GPS able to record latitude & longitude at the same time as the light readings enables true field mapping.
  • Data can be imported into proprietary 3D Graphing Software to produce very realistic maps of land use, crop cover, etc.
  • The GPS module is small & unobtrusive (approx. 45x45x6mm) and, when used with the hand-held pole, will locate on the top of the pole.
  • No subscription is required and the resolution is typically 3 metres. 1 metre is possible in SBAS areas.

Seba MDS-5

Product Features
  • Seba MDS-5 multi channel data logger for up to 12 analogue or digital sensors.
  • Ports: 2x RS 232, 2x RS 485 , SDI 12 and USB.

WatchDog 1000 Series Micro Stations - External Sensors Only
Spectrum WatchDog 1000 Series Micro Stations - External Sensors Only

Product Features
  • Spectrum WatchDog 1000 Series Micro Stations - External Sensors Only measures external sensors ONLY, does not measure any internal sensors.
  • 2 models to choose from, one with 4 external ports, or 2 external ports.
  • The cost-effective choice for recording multiple environmental conditions
  • Internal sensors can include temperature and humidity
  • With up to 4 external sensor ports
  • LCD displays current sensor readings and battery level
  • Select measurement intervals from 1 to 60 minutes
  • Log 10,584 intervals (220 days at 30 minute intervals)
  • Data is stored in fail-safe non-volatile memory
  • Water-resistant case
  • 12-month battery life (CR2450, included)
  • Transfer data with a direct-connect cable or Data Shuttle
  • Requires SpecWare 9 Basic or Pro (v9.2 or later) software 

WatchDog A-Series Loggers
Spectrum WatchDog A-Series Loggers

Product Features
  • Spectrum WatchDog A-Series Loggers measure temperature, humidity, and leaf wetness (models my vary)
  • LCD display confirms logger operation and displays current sensor readings
  • Select measurement intervals from 1 to 120 minutes
  • Log 4,000 to 8,000 intervals in fail-safe EEPROM data memory
  • Water-resistant case
  • Removable soft caps keep ports clear of debris
  • Includes CR2, 12-month battery life
  • SpecWare 9 (v9.1 or later) and the A-Series PC Connection Cable are required.

Skye DataHogs

Product Features
  • Weatherproof housing and connectors as standard
  • Skye DataHogs easy-to-use. Complete independent units. Self-contained batteries last up to 6 months
  • Data offload & logger setup via RS232 port (cable and software supplied as standard for PC).
  • Optional fast offload and data graphing software (SkyeLynx Deluxe) is available
  • Remote access options include: cable up to 1 km; dial-up or leased phone line; or GSM remote data link
  • Versatile inputs for voltage, current, digital count, thermistors, thermocouples, etc.
  • Can be used with all Skye’s range of sensors, plus those from most other manufacturers
  • Relay contact outputs available switching at user-set threshold for control and alarm applications
  • Dedicated ‘packages’ available with all sensors and cables, eg. for measuring rainfall, water depth logging, wind speed and direction records, etc.

Datalogger - NIWA Ecologger
NIWA Datalogger - NIWA Ecologger

Product Features
  • NIWA Datalogger - NIWA Ecologger cost-effective
  • Telemetry capable
  • Low power
  • 512k Data Storage
  • Battery backed memory
  • Log interval 0.25 second to 1 week
  • Transient voltage and RF protection
  • Fully user-programmable
  • Compatible with UNIDATA support software
  • Rugged environmental enclosure
  • SDI-12 compatible