Software Analysis

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NIWA Flosys

Product Features
  • NIWA Flosys is software that controls the collection of data via radio or telephone networks.
  • The data is then stored in a Tideda database which can be accessed from Flosys, Tideda or Excel.
  • Telemetry software for a multi-user PC environment integrated with the Tideda database
  • The collection of data and handling of alarms is done at only one point, the PC running Flosys server.
  • "On demand" data collection, displays of data, maps and alarms is done from Flosys for Windows.
  • Any number of PCs can be running this software allowing multi-user access to the telemetry.

NIWA Tideda - Time Dependent Data

Product Features
  • Can input data from any digitiser and any chart type.
  • NIWA Tideda - Time Dependent Data excellent manual data entry features.
  • Can accept data input from many dataloggers and ASCII text file formats.
  • Can be integrated with telemetry.
  • Data can be stored at any resolution down to one second.
  • Data can be stored at any interval(s).
  • There is no need to distinguish between fixed and non fixed interval data.
  • Data is easily managed as all data types and sites can be kept in just one file.
  • There is no limit to the number of sites or quantity of data in a file.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • A database for archiving, managing, and analysing hydrological data and so avoids unnecessary complexity.
  • A DOS version is available which would allow any old PCs to continue to be useful for data entry purposes (Manual entry or digitising).
  • File format is fully compatible between DOS, Windows and all releases of Tideda.
  • Sold as a "site licence", up to 10 users at one site.

USB Driver For ADK-100 – Rev. 2.08.24
Sisgeo USB Driver For ADK-100 – Rev. 2.08.24

Product Features
  • Automatic installation of USB drivers allows the USB cable to work on a PC/laptop with Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows XP, Windows XP x64 and Windows 2000.
  • Sisgeo USB Driver For ADK-100 – Rev. 2.08.24 for these operating systems USB drivers are Microsoft WHQL certifieddrivers are Microsoft WHQL certified.


Skye IMS

Product Features
  • Skye IMS an interactive computer program for the day-to-day scheduling of irrigation.
  • Developed and tested for the irrigation of potatoes, sugar beet and a range of vegetable crops.

Weatherlink Software for Davis Stations
Weatherlink Software for Davis Stations

Product Features
  • Weatherlink Software for Davis Stations to track and record weather history on PC
  • The included data logger fits neatly into the weather station console, storing weather data at user-defined intervals, even when it’s not connected to your PC
  • Download the data and create graphs, generate summaries and more
  • Plot daily, weekly, monthly and annual data, as well as track degree-days
  • Depending on the logging interval, store up to six months of data
  • One WeatherLink required for each console connecting to a PC
  • Includes USB or serial port adapter, 8 ft (2 m) cable, software and manual


Agricultural/Turf Mgmt Module
Agricultural/Turf Mgmt Module

Product Features
  • Agricultural/Turf Mgmt Module growing degree day software upgrade package for the WeatherLink software. Works with the Davis weather stations, both the Vantage Vue and the Vantage Pro 2.

PConnect Software for Palm™ OS PDAs
PConnect Software for Palmβ„’ OS PDAs

Product Features
  • On-site communication functions:Retrieve and display final storage data, Graph one element from any array, Set datalogger clock, Set datalogger flags and ports, Monitor real-time data, updates every 2 seconds, Access the datalogger terminal mode, Transfer datalogger programs and Communicate at 9600 bps via a serial cable, RF400-series spread spectrum radio, or SC-IRDA Infrared Interface (IR communication not supported by the CR200-series)
  • PConnect Software for Palm™ OS PDAs allows use of PDA memory expansion cards
  • Patch for upgrade of 3.x to 3.4 is on Downloads page
  • Upgrades available for 2.0 versions


Product Features
  • Spectrum the centerpiece of the Spectrum Technologies system to ease the collection, publication, and analysis of your weather data.
  • Send your weather data directly to the web using one of the WatchDog Communications options. 
  • The cellular modems include both GPRS and CDMA versions.
  • An Iridium-based satellite modem can get user data out from locations without cellular signal.
  • And the spread-spectrum wireless modem provides an economical solution when a station is with 2 miles of a location with an always-on Internet connection.
  • The web site lets user see the current weather conditions for all your weather stations.
  • User can customize the names of their sensors, for example naming soil moisture sensors to include the depth.
  • User control who can see how much of their data.
  • User can allow anyone to see all their stations, or user can assign individuals to see specific stations only.
  • Use SpecWare 9 Pro to download their logged weather data for reports, graphs, disease models, and other tools needed to analyze weather events

SpecWare 9 Pro Software
Spectrum SpecWare 9 Pro Software

Product Features
  • Spectrum SpecWare 9 Pro Software download data from
  • Enter the adjustment values for calibrated sensors, and Spec 9 Pro will apply them before saving the data.
  • Graph on-the-fly with an interactive graphing window.
  • Build, customize and save your most important report formats or choose from thirteen standard reports.
  • Add optional insect and disease models to forecast pest pressures and reduce pesticide costs. Produce reports with graphs for each pest.
  • Set a frost alarm that will call your mobile phone or pager at frost temperatures or other sensor conditions.
  • Automate logger downloads with wireless or directly connected stations. Generate scheduled log files for data-to-web applications or create an XML file that can be posted on the web.
  • Find and use data easily with an open file management system. All logger data is stored in one file per month, simplifying data sharing and exporting.
  • Import data files from other applications.
  • International features include handling date, time and numbers with regional formats, setting English or other languages, and Metric or US measurements.
  • SpecWare 9 software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

SpecWare 9 Basic Software
Spectrum SpecWare 9 Basic Software

Product Features
  • Spectrum SpecWare 9 Basic Software easily download, analyze and produce basic reports from user weather data collected on WatchDog Micro Stations and older series WatchDog Weather Station
  • Eliminate valuable time exporting the data and performing calculations in tedious spreadsheet programs
  • Spec 9 Basic automatically assigns each WatchDog Data Logger or Weather Station to its own “logger location” directory, which is appended every time you download new data
  • Includes CD, PC interface cable and manual Spec 9 Basic does not support disease models or the 2000 Series Weather Stations
  • SpecWare 9 software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.