General Laboratory Equipment

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Water bath WNB7
Memmert Water Bath WNB7

Product Features
  • Memmert Water Bath WNB7 are electrically heated, with thermostatic regulation.
  • The microprocessor temperature regulation guarantees minimum temperature fluctuations (±0.1°C), short heat-up times and lowest possible overshooting of the selected temperature.
  • The target temperature value entry is achieved digitally and can be locked against inadvertend change.
  • The actual temperature is displayed on a clear LED-display.
  • The integrated digital clock, working independently of temperature, has a runtime of 1 minute to 99,95 hours.
  • All values are shown on the LED-display.
  • The self-diagnostic system integrated in the regulator enables quick trouble shooting in the case of errors.
  • Very easycleaning.
  • Completely made of stainlesssteel.

Labwater Deionisers
Purite Labwater1 Deionisers

Product Features
  • Purite Labwater1 Deionisers designed for the low volume infrequent user of pure water
  • Affordable and easy to use, featuring the unique Purite disposable cartridge
  • The Labwater 1 & 2 deionisers provide 1-10 litres per day of purified water for general applications in the laboratory direct from a mains supply. Water is produced instantly at between 30 and 60 litres per hour.
  • Pure water better than 1MΩ.cm, produced to BS EN ISO3696 Grade 2.
  • Each Labwater is wall mounted as standard to save bench space.
  • Easy installation and only require 12mm braided hose (not supplied) to connect the Labwater to a tap or stopcock. Both an outlet spout and flexible outlet pipe are supplied as standard.
  • Each unit can be used immediately after installation by opening the inlet valve
  • No mains electricity is required because the purification process operates on feedwater pressure. A meter is not required because the cartridge incorporates a colour-change window.

Furnaces CWF 11/5/E301
Carbolite General Purpose Furnaces CWF 11/5/301

Product Features
  • Carbolite General Purpose Furnaces CWF 11/5/301 has maximum operating temperatures of 1100°C and 1200°C 
  • Chamber capacities of 5L, 13L or 23L
  • Powerful, free radiating, coiled wire elements on both sides of the chamber ensure good thermal uniformity
  • Hard wearing, refractory insulation inside the chamber and around the chamber entrance provides good resistance to abrasion
  • Vertical, counter-balanced door keeps hot door insulation away from operator
  • Positive break, door safety switch isolates chamber from power supply, when the door is opened
  • Double skinned construction allows convection air flow to cool the outer case
  • Wide range of applications (from ashing to hardening)
  • Digital PID-Controller E301

Nikon Forestry Pro Laser Rangefinder/Hypsometer

Product Features
  • Provided with a clear line of sight to a point on the stem, the unit calculates horizontal distance, then captures two other points to create an angle, and accurately calculates height.
  • The Forestry PRO features 6x magnification and provides several measurement readout options including actual distance, angle compensated distance (horizontal distance), angle (degrees), and height.
  • Results are displayed in yards, meters, or feet.
  • The Forestry PRO is waterproof and comes complete with a field case, quick start guide, and battery.
  • Range: 11 to 550 yds.; 10 to 500m; 33 to 999 ft.
  • Resolution: 0.5 yds.; 0.5m; 1 ft.
  • Accuracy: ±1/2 yd. out to 99 yds.; ±1 yd. from 100 to 550 yds.
  • Power: one 3V CR2 battery (included).