Level Measurement & Monitoring

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SEBA UnilogLight ENC

Product Features
  • The SEBA UnilogLight ENC is the ideal solution for water level measurement of ground and surface water.
  • The robust and compact measuring system with integrated shaft encoder (detachable) with a good price-performance ratio speakes for itsself.

SEBA LevelSense

Product Features
  • Reliable and robust shaft encoder
  • Outputs: 0/4...20mA, SDI12, SHWP(RS485)
  • Integrated LC-Display (option)
  • Cost effective modernization of existing water level monitoring stations
  • Internal battery supply for buffer in case of power failure
  • Continuous registration of water level fluctuations in ground- and surface waters
  • With integrated data logger (option)

Multiparameter Sensor MPS-D8
Seba Multiparameter Sensor MPS-D8

Product Features
  • 13 parameters can be measured: water level, °C, conductivity, salinity, O2, pH, ORP, NH3, NO3-, Cl-, NH4+, Na+, Ca2+, F-, K+ and turbidity.
  • Seba Multiparameter Sensor MPS-D8 for use with data logger MDS-5.

Seba Dipper-PT

Product Features
  • Ruggedised stainless-steel housing for use in extreme conditions(e.g. monitoring of landfill sites, contaminated land, etc.).
  • Slim 22mm Ø, 300mm lengh for installation in well casings starting at 1“
  • Large 4MB loop memory for 280.000 measurement values. (More than enough to be able to turn your attention away from the calendar, even with short measuring intervals.)
  • Minimal maintenance required due to low power consumption. Two lithium batteries ensure high operational reliability and have an approximate lifespan of 8-10 years. This reduced maintenance regime saves operational costs and is kind to the environment.

DS-22 / DS-T 22
Seba DS-22 / DS-T 22

Product Features
  • Seba DS-22 / DS-T 22 is sensors for water level and temperature measurements.
  • High accuracy (< 0,1%).
  • Outputs: 0-1V, 0/4-20 mA oder RS 485.

Multiparameter Sensor MPS-D3
Seba Multiparameter Sensor MPS-D3

Product Features
  • Seba Multiparameter Sensor MPS-D3 is digital sensor with 3/4 electrodes for water level, temperature and electric conductivity / salinity and TDS.
  • For use with data logger MDS 5 or LogCom / FlashCom online systems.

Traditional Water Level Recorder Alpha
Seba Traditional Water Level Recorder Alpha

Product Features
  • Seba Traditional Water Level Recorder Alpha for continuous ground water level recording on charts.

Flood Monitoring
Seba Flood Monitoring

Product Features
  • Seba Flood Monitoring redundant stations with different water level sensors or discharge measuring systems and data transmission networks for flood forecasting or alarms.


Product Features
  • SEBA Puls is radar sensor for contact free water level measurement in rivers, channels and reservoirs.
  • Contact free measurements from bridges.
  • No temperature or weather influence to the accuracy.
  • Range: 0-15, 35, 70 m.
  • Accuracy: better 1 cm

Strip Chart Recorder Type DELTA
Seba Strip Chart Recorder Type DELTA

Product Features
  • Seba Strip Chart Recorder Type DELTA robust and reliable float operated chart recorder for water level recording in rivers.