Water Quality Testing

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Algae Torch
BBE Algae Torch

Product Features
  • BBE Algae Torch for the simultaneous quantification of the chlorophyll-a content of cyanobacteria and the total chlorophyll content of microalgae in water.
  • A complete measurement needs less than 20 seconds.
  • No sampling or preparation is necessary.
  • Measurement of algal concentrations via fluorescence
  • The intensity of the chlorophyll fluorescence is used to calculate the different algae as chlorophyll-a, here blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) and total microalgae.
  • The results are shown immediately on the display and stored in the internal memory.
  • An encapsulated USB port enables subsequent data transfer to a PC.
  • Automatic turbidity correction.
  • The instrument is deployable down to depth of 10 m (optionally 100 m).
  • Internal rechargeable batteries.

Dissolved Oxygen Sensors - Greenspan DO100, DO3000
NIWA Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

Product Features
  • NIWA Dissolved Oxygen Sensors provide accurate long-term measurements under a wide range of environmental conditions.
  • Provides a simple, effective and robust means of obtaining continuous in-situ dissolved oxygen measurements with minimum maintenance requirements.
  • A combination of membrane and sensor technology characterise the design of the design of this sensor.  
  • A new generation chemical sensor provides inherently greater stability than conventional polarographic technology. 
  • Compared to conventional membrane designs, the large surface area of the diffusion membrane substantially reduces errors caused by surface contamination. 
  • Temperature compensation to provide true output in ppm of dissolved oxygen of percent saturation.


Product Features
  • All-in-one meter for Conductivity, TDS, pH and Temperature.
  • TPS Aqua-CP/A ranges are automatically selected to provide the best available resolution.
  • Genuine one-touch calibration puts an end to time-consuming calibration procedures.
  • An optional hard carry case is also available.
  • Rugged and reliable
  • 24 character alphanumeric display
  • Large digit mode is available. 
  • Plain text prompts and error messages are provided.
  • Automatic temperature compensation.
  • One-touch Calibration
  • All calibration information is stored in memory when the Aqua-CP/A is switched off, even if the battery is removed.
  • Provide in excess of 70 hours of continuous use with an alkaline 9 volt battery. 
  • Automatic switches off after 5 minutes.
  • Certified in accordance with the AS/NZS ISO 9001 standard


Product Features


  • Waterproof Dissolved Oxygen- pH-mV-Temperature Meter
  • TPS WP-91 fully waterproof to IP67 rating.
  • 32 character alphanumeric display
  • Full text prompting and error messages are provided.
  • The Calendar Clock can be displayed continuously along with the data.
  • The date and time are recorded with every reading, when using the Notepad and AutoLog functions.
  • To comply with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) standards, the WP Series store the date, time and results of the last calibration.
  • Logging interval from 1 minute to 24 hours.
  • Log up to 2400 readings, along with the date and time.
  • RS232 serial port interface.
  • WinTPS Windows software allows the WP Series to communicate with a PC for data download.
  • Supplied with a rechargeable NiMH battery and charger as standard.
  • Chargers for all countries are available.
  • For extended field trips a solar panel, or a charger lead for a car cigarette lighter socket are also available.
  • Certified in accordance with the AS/NZS ISO 9001 standard. 

TPS smartCHEM-pH

Product Features
  • Laboratory pH-mV-Temperature Analyzer 
  • A research grade pH/mV meter
  • TPS smartCHEM-pH comes with a 2730 reading memory.
  • Readings can be recorded manually, or automatically logged at preset intervals.
  • RS232 Serial Port Interface
  • WinTPS Communication software for Windows 3.1 or 95, 98 & ME is available.
  • Automatic Stability Function (ASF) ensure the most accurate possible results for the user.
  • Comply with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) guidelines.
  • A calibration alarm can be programmed to whichever parameters the user chooses.
  • The Pin Code Access is provided for those users who need to ensure the integrity of recorded data, calibration settings and so forth.
  • 240 x 64 dot graphic display.
  • Full-text help and error messages are provided.
  • All readings and messages are provided in large, bold characters.
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Karl Fischer Measurements
  • Fully waterproof to IP65.
  • Certified in accordance with the AS/NZS ISO 9001 standard.



Product Features
  • Dissolved Oxygen Process Monitor and Controller
  • Easy to install.
  • Enclosure is waterproof to IP65.
  • The large LCD display is easy to read, even from a distance.
  • Designed for maximum flexibility.
  • TPS miniCHEM-D ideal for industry, swimming pools, reverse osmosis, aquaculture, and general process monitoring and control.
  • Certified in accordance with AS/NZS ISO9001 standards.
  • proCHEM-D Dissolved Oxygen Controller with Dual Set Points
  • Dual Set Points are provided.
  • One point set to control the process, and a second point beyond that set to activate an alarm.
  • The output relays are rated to 240V and are fused at 1 Amps.
  • Higher currents can be switched with an external contactor.
  • Easy to install.
  • Housed in a rugged plastic case which is non-corrosive, waterproof and dustproof to IP65.
  • The large LCD display is easy to read, even from a distance.
  • Designed for maximum flexibility.
  • 4 to 20 mA and 0 to 1 V DC outputs are provided as standard.
  • Certified in accordance with AS/NZS ISO9001 standards. 

Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Spectrum Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Product Features
  • Displays dissolved oxygen (mg/l), oxygen in air (%), and temperature (C/F).
  • Spectrum Dissolved Oxygen Meter uses remote polarographic dissolved oxygen sensor.
  • Also monitors oxygen in air for indoor air quality and confined space applications.
  • Automatic temperature compensation.
  • Can be read in either mg/L or % oxygen in air, and temperature in °C or °F.
  • Both oxygen and temperature readings are simultaneously displayed.
  • Measures dissolved oxygen, oxygen, plus temperature Min/Max/Avg
  • Data Hold
  • Auto power off
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Large 13mm LCD display
  • Built-in RS-232 PC interface with optional Data Acquisition Software and Datalogger

FieldScout Direct Soil EC Meter
Spectrum FieldScout Direct Soil EC Meter

Product Features
  • Spectrum FieldScout Direct Soil EC Meter patented paired sensor tip provides maximum soil-sensor contact and higher accuracy
  • Sample directly in plug trays, pots, containers or solutions
  • 0 to 19.9 mS/cm (Accuracy ± 2%, resolution 0.01 mS/cm)
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Includes battery and EC calibration standard


Waterproof EC Meter
Spectrum Waterproof EC Meter

Product Features
  • Spectrum Waterproof EC Meter for measures four parameters; Conductivity, TDS, Salinity and Temperature
  • 6 units of measure: µS/cm, mS/cm, ppm, ppt, mg/L and g/L
  • Internal memory stores up to 15 labeled readings for easy recall
  • Adjustable conductivity-to-TDS ratio factor (0.4 to 1.0)
  • Accuracy: ±2%
  • Measurement ranges – Conductivity: 0.00 to 199 µS/cm, 200 to 1,999 µS/cm or 2.00 to 19.99 mS/cm – TDS: 0 to 99.9 mg/L, 100 to 999 mg/L or 1.00 to 9.99 g/L – Salinity (fixed ratio of 0.5): 0 to 99.9 ppm, 100 to 999 ppm or 1.00 to 9.99 ppt – Temperature: 32 to 194ºF (0.0 to 90.0ºC)
  • Includes conductivity cell, protective sensor cap, sample cup with cap, four SR44W button batteries and 48 in (1.2 m) neckstrap
  • Calibration standard sold separately

LAQUA Twin Nitrate Meter
Spectrum LAQUA Twin Nitrate Meter

Product Features
  • New “Professional Grade” Meter
  • Measure nutrient solutions, soils, greenhouse soilless media, water samples and tissue sap
  • Waterproof pocket-sized meter with digital calibration
  • Sensors store dry and are field replaceable
  • Measures from 14 to 1,400 ppm
  • Accuracy correlates well with laboratory analysis
  • Unique flat sensor allows you to conveniently and accurately measure samples as small as 0.3 mL
  • Automatic temperature compensation, waterproof, auto power-off
  • Includes two CR2032 batteries, case and calibration standards