Image Analysis System

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Handy - Leaf Chamber FC 1000-LC
PSI Handy - Leaf Chamber FC 1000-LC

Product Features
  • PSI Handy - Leaf Chamber FC 1000-LC a unique system that allows user to conduct chlorophyll fluorescence imaging on a leaf maintained in a leaf chamber, while measuring leaf gas exchange at the same time.
  • Can be attached to leaf chambers provided by most manufacturers of leaf gas exchange equipment.

Micro-FluorCam FC 2000
PSI Micro-FluorCam FC 2000

Product Features
  • PSI Micro-FluorCam FC 2000 extends the complete capacity of kinetic Chl-fluorescence imaging to the realm of individual cells and sub-cellular structures.
  • Allows investigation of all conventional fluorescence parameters in individual chloroplasts or even grana-stroma thylakoid segments.

Conveyor and Robotic PlantScreen Systems
PSI Conveyor and Robotic PlantScreen Systems

Product Features
  • PSI Conveyor and Robotic PlantScreen Systems designed and manufactured to to suit the customer's specific needs.
  • Can be optimized for numerous plant morphologies and structures - from Arabidopsis to manifold crop plants.
  • The conveyor system can be configured for single pots, multiple pots or trays, providing flexibility of use with numerous different species, or with a single species throughout its growth cycle.

Fluorescence Kinetic Microscope FC 2000-Z
PSI Fluorescence Kinetic Microscope FC 2000-Z

Product Features
  • PSI Fluorescence Kinetic Microscope FC 2000-Z allows measurements with various user-selectable excitation and emission wavelengths as well as the combination of imaging measurements with spectrally resolved or ultra fast spot-measurements of fluorescence and absorbance kinetics.
  • Most versatile tool for lab-based research.

XY-Plane FC 900-XY/8040
PSI XY-Plane FC 900-XY/8040

Product Features
  • PSI XY-Plane FC 900-XY/8040 an elaborate fluorescence imaging system that has been optimized for high throughput screening and multispectral analysis of multiple samples in large growth trays.
  • Permits easy robotic manipulation.

Transect FC 900-TR
PSI Transect FC 900-TR

Product Features
  • PSI Transect FC 900-TR an open fluorescence imaging system for large-scale screening in laboratory or scanning in field.
  • It scans plants along a two meters long transect.

Rover FC 900-R
PSI Rover FC 900-R

Product Features
  • PSI Rover FC 900-R a customized fluorescence imaging system for large-scale scanning in field.
  • A remarkably stable structure, yet its large and solid wheels allow easy movement through an experimental field.
  • Allows dark adaptation.

Regent WinDENDRO

Product Features
  • Regent WinDENDRO specifically designed for dendrometrists and dendrochronologists looking for a precise and efficient way to measure annual tree-ring widths and other related parameters (minimum, maximum and average density, earlywood width and more).
  • Can analyse tree-rings from wood disks, cores, X-ray films and images produced by film less digital X-ray systems.

Regent WinCELL

Product Features
  •  Regent WinCELL is an image analysis system specifically designed for wood cells analysis. It can quantify the changes in wood structure over annual rings.
  • WinCELL can analyse grey levels or color images (our cameras produce both kinds). The Pro version can do more analyses on color images. It can display and analyse one of its three color channels, use the color content to better classify the pixels into lumen and wall or quantify area in function of color.
  • Calibrations are easy to perform on targets sold by microscope manufacturers. Different target models are supported.
  • Debris (defects or non cells objects) can be automatically filtered out by morphological features (area, length, width, form, length to width ratio), color (Pro version) or by editing the images.
  • Original images acquired from WinCELL, analysed or not can be saved in standard tiff or bmp files for opening in other application programs. Images saved with their analysis (in the same file) are automatically reanalysed when reopened in WinCELL (useful to validate or modify a previously done analysis).
  • Batch processing is provided to analyse a series of images without operator supervision. This analysis mode works only for analyses that can be done automatically (non-interactively).
  • It is possible to store the analysis settings in configuration files for retrieving and reusing at a later time.
  • You can choose which data are saved.
  • WinCELL can also be used as a general area meter (to measure leaf area for example) or a morphology analyser for other objects by modifying its default settings.
  • Like all Regent's products, WinCELL is a stand-alone program with all the built-in necessary functionality. It does not require an additional complex image analysis program or user programming skills as in some other cell analysis programs


Regent WinRHIZO

Product Features
  • Regent WinRHIZO is an image analysis system specifically designed for root measurement in different forms.
  • It can do morphology (length, area, volume...), topology, architecture and color analyses.
  • WinRHIZO automatically or interactively analyses washed roots
  • WinRHIZO displays the analysis over the image
  • Measurement data of the sample under analysis is summarized on screen and is available in detail in data files.