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Digitalized In-Place Inclinometers
Sisgeo Digitalized In-Place Inclinometers

Product Features
  • Sisgeo Digitalized In-Place Inclinometers designed for automatic monitoring of critical locations.
  • They use the RS-485 serial communication protocol: this technology allow to use only one cable to connect all the probes in one chain.
  • The performances of this system are amazing, thanks to the self-compensated MEMS technology sensor and to the completely new engineered electrical components.
  • Jointed together and installed inside the inclinometer casing where deformation may occur, a string of digitalized IPI allows to monitor the continuous profile of the inclinometer casing and of the related soil mass.


Surface Clinometers
Sisgeo Surface Clinometers

Product Features
  • Sisgeo Surface Clinometers essential for the control and security of structures in elevation, both during the construction phase than in operation.
  • Thanks to the new MEMS self-compensated sensor or the force-balanced servo-accelerometer sensors, Sisgeo clinometers ensure high accuracy and negligible dependence on thermal factors.
  • They can be read locally using a portable readout or centralized with a datalogger for remote monitoring.
  • Applications: Monitoring of inclination changes due to civil or industrial activities, retaining walls and diaphragms movement, monitoring of buildings damaged from earthquake, and small dimensions for a lower visual impact on monuments and historical buildings

Pendulums System And Tel-310s Telependulums
Sisgeo Pendulums System And Tel-310s Telependulums

Product Features


  • Sisgeo Pendulums System And Tel-310s Telependulums designed for automatic readings of the coordinates of the pendulum plumb lines (direct or inverted).
  • Characterized by high resolution and the possibility of measuring many steel wire simultaneously.
  • Auto-diagnostic functions for measurements validation through a built-in high performance software.
  • Either local readings by portable PC or remote operation via RS-485 serial interface are possible.
  • Also implemented with 4-20 mA output for ADK-100 network application.
  • The new version of TEL-310S Telecoordinometer (3rd generation) offer: wide measuring range: 60x145mm; waterproof components IP68 until 50kPa (5m water head); flexible structures for easy maintenance; remote auto-diagnostic through log file; and high level built-in software for statistical data elaboration and validation.

RDS Railway Deformation System
Sisgeo RDS Railway Deformation System

Product Features
  • A non-conventional monitoring system designed by Sisgeo for automatic survey of longitudinal deformation of the rail tracks and the twisting of sleepers.
  • Sisgeo RDS Railway Deformation System to monitor the rail track geometry as: longitudinal level: measured in “mm” as a difference of level between two points located longitudinally at certain preset intervals; transversal alignment: measured in “%” as inclination change of two sleepers located at the same intervals of longitudinal.
  • Compared to the traditional systems, including topographic surveys, RDS offers to the Customers either high performances and significant reduction of the operating costs.
  • In fact when the system is correctly installed there is not field activity required by technicians at site; RDS can be managed also by a single operator on the Web.

BRS Magnet Extensometers
Sisgeo BRS Magnet Extensometers

Product Features
  • A system – based on British Building Research technique – for measuring either settlement or heave at various depths in soil, embankments, earthfill dams and dikes.
  • Sisgeo BRS Magnet Extensometers consists of access tube with external corrugate pipe, magnet rings, telescopic bottom section with datum ring and suspension head.
  • Magnet rings (targets) are fixed, externally to the access tube, in the ground where movement may occur.
  • Magnet rings move together with surrounding soil along the axis of the access tube.
  • Readings are obtained with a portable readout, lowering the reed switch probe through the access tube.
  • Comparison of surveys taken over time provide profiles of ground settlement or heave.

T-REX Incremental Extensometer
Sisgeo T-REX Incremental Extensometer

Product Features
  • Sisgeo T-REX Incremental Extensometer for incremental measurements along the axis of inclinometer casing equipped with targets.
  • T-REX probe is equipped with two very accurate linear transducer.
  • Operating cable, placement rods, portable readout and data management software are provided.
  • Data are collected by Archimede Datalogger that could be equipped with a special battery pack enables to enlarge working time.
  • Through the USB port the measurements can easily transferred to a PC for data management.
  • T-REX Analyser Software allows to compute the displacement measurements line-wise carried out every meter.

DEX Extensometers And DEX-S Extenso-Inclinometer
Sisgeo DEX Extensometers And DEX-S Extenso-Inclinometer

Product Features
  • In-place extensometers are used in conjunction with flush-coupled ABS inclinometer casing for the measurements of settlement or heave.
  • Sisgeo DEX Extensometers And DEX-S Extenso-Inclinometer designed to be left inside the casing to permit automatic or continuous monitoring.
  • Strings of in-place extensometer sensors are joined together with stainless steel wire.
  • The sensors can be located at different depths where the settlement occurs.
  • Equipped with biaxial tilt sensor is also available for 3-D borehole profile monitoring.
  • ADK-10 datalogger provides automatic monitoring and by means of GSM module it is also possible to have on-line monitoring of unattended locations.

Fixed Extensometers
Sisgeo Fixed Extensometers

Product Features
  • Sisgeo Fixed Extensometers defined as device placed in embankment fill or inside borehole for monitoring of settlement or heave between two points without use of a removable probe.
  • Either the Settlement Platform and the Tell-Tale extensometer are based on a riser settlement rod which is respectively connected to a plate buried at the embankment foundation level or grouted inside borehole as a deep benchmark in a firm soil.
  • Optical levelling measurements to the top of the riser rod provide precise monitoring.
  • Electrical transducer can be used for remote readings without the need of survey crew.

DSM Settlement Monitoring System
Sisgeo DSM Settlement Monitoring System

Product Features
  • Sisgeo DSM Settlement Monitoring System for automatic and continuous long-term monitoring of differential settlement/heave of buildings, structures and embankments.
  • Consists of a series of level sensors interconnected by a liquid filled to a reference tank which is located on a firm point away from the area to monitor.
  • The measurement of fluid weigth/pressure indicates the elevation difference between the sensors and the reference tank.
  • Sensor settlement or heave is proportional to the equivalent liquid weight/pressure change.
  • Different models of DSM settlement sensor are produced to suit all the customer applications.

Hydrostatic Profile Gauge
Sisgeo Hydrostatic Profile Gauge

Product Features
  • Sisgeo Hydrostatic Profile Gauge profiler is a hydrostatic profile gauge designed for settlement or heave monitoring beneath embankments or foundations.
  • The system consists of a settlement probe equipped with a high-sensitive pressure transducer connected by liquid filled tube to a reservoir.
  • The probe is pulled – meter by meter – through a pipe buried into the embankment.
  • The profile of the pipe is relative to the reference point where the measuring unit is located.
  • The readings are shown in mm of settlement on a digital display.