Software Analysis

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SpecMaps Web Mapping Utility
Spectrum SpecMaps Web Mapping Utility

Product Features
  • Spectrum SpecMaps Web Mapping Utility create 2-dimensional color charts of geo-referenced data
  • Generate interpolated contour plots or maps of individual data points
  • Includes data point summary and histogram
  • Nothing to install - load data to and view maps directly on any PC with internet access
  • 1-Year subscription
  • For SpecMaps ProTurf, all the functionality of the original SpecMaps web mapping utility (see above)
  • For SpecMaps ProTurf, map sprinkler head locations and plot radius of throw
  • Automatically computes lower quartile distribution uniformity (DUlq) for SpecMaps ProTurf
  • For SpecMaps ProTurf, current SpecMaps users can upgrade to a ProTurf account with a one time upgrade fee, pleases call for details

Spec 9 Pro Disease and Insect Models
Spectrum Spec 9 Pro Disease and Insect Models

Product Features
  • Spectrum Spec 9 Pro Disease and Insect Models become more proactive in user management of disease and insects by adding a disease and insect forecast module to your Spec 9 Pro software
  • Save money by spraying only when necessary
  • Quickly produce the documentation needed to support your IPM decisions
  • Each package uses field-tested and validated algorithms along with your data to forecast the potential for the appearance of your crop’s most notorious enemies

DHSU â Live Display of the Weather from your MiniMet
Skye DHSU – Live Display of the Weather from your MiniMet

Product Features
  • Skye DHSU – Live Display of the Weather from your MiniMet to provide a simple ‘live’ display of the weather data when a DataHog/MiniMet is connected to a PC, either directly or via a Mains Hog or Mains Hog with Signal Booster.
  • The frequency of the update can be from 10 seconds to 12 hours
  • The ‘captured’ data string is stored in a directory called SkyeDHSU.
  • The ‘Data Display’ screen is fully customisable – channel names, units, colours, etc.
  • There is also another screen, again customisable, which gives cumulative totals.

Weather Display Live
Skye Weather Display Live

Product Features
  • The software is available as a download from their website
  • Skye Weather Display Live visual text display of current weather on
  • Graphical representation of current weather conditions on your PC
  • Graphical representation of current weather conditions on your website
  • Updates every 10 seconds
  • Email of data
  • On-line forums

Skye WaSim

Product Features
  • Skye WaSim a computer-based training package for the teaching and demonstration of issues involved in irrigation, drainage and salinity management.


Decision Support Software
Skye Decision Support Software

Product Features
  • Skye Decision Support Software which uses weather data collected by the loggers to make predictive calculations about crop status and give circumstantial support to the decision making processes of commercial crop production.


Product Features
  • Skye AWSET read data files generated by an automatic weather station and calculate reference Evapotranspiration (Eto) and Evaporation either daily or for each timestep of the data.

SkyeLynx Deluxe
Skye SkyeLynx Deluxe

Product Features
  • Skye SkyeLynx Deluxe software package which incorporates communicating with the datalogger, offloading the data, storing the data and presenting the data with a wide range of graphing options.

SkyeLynx Standard
Skye SkyeLynx Standard

Product Features
  • Skye SkyeLynx Standard supplied free with every DataHog & MiniMet, and offers a basic communication software.

SkyeLynx Auto
Skye SkyeLynx Auto

Product Features
  • Skye SkyeLynx Auto enables automatic data download, unmanned or unattended, from a DataHog2 or MiniMet2 logger connected by a hard wire link, standard telephone line or cellular modem.