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DAU2000 Data Acquisition Unit

Product Features
  • The main components of DAU200 are NDA series of intellegent data acquisition module.
  • NDA dedicated uninterruptible power supply, NDA communication module, moisture-proof heater and multi-function line.
  • These part are mounted in a sealed box.

NDA Automatic Data Acquisition Module

Product Features
  • Used to collect the signals of all kinds of instrument includes unbonded elastic wire resistance type, inductance type, capacitance type, vibrating wire type, voltage and current signal of transmitter type, potentiometer type.
  • The utility model can be used for automatic measurement of water conservancy and hydropower engineering, municipal traffic engineering, mine engineering. 

Dam Safety Information Management System

Product Features


  • Dam safety information management system (DSIMS) can manage the monitoring data of dam and geotechnical engineering.
  • It can apply to the different automatic monitoring system of various scale and factories.
  • Regional and national dam safety monitoring network management system can be constructed based on DSIMS.

NYL3000 Pressure Transmitter

Product Features
  • This item which can adjust the precision of zero and full range output.
  • High precision, good stability, small size and so on.
  • Can be used in pressure measurement and control in the area such as petroleum, chemical, melalungy, electricity, hydrology and other industrial process.

47.1007 Plastic Rain Gauge

Product Features
  • Comes with support spike
  • Made of plastic
  • Container for measuring rainfall
  • Including metal stand in green colour
  • Measures 135 mm width by 760 mm height by 75 mm depth

Single Gouge Augers
Eijkelkamp 04.01 Single Gouge Augers

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp  04.01 Single Gouge Augers cannot be extended and are supplied in various lengths and diameters.
  • Available in three standard sets:
  • A set for sampling more or less soft soil layers (SA) with two gouge augers having different lengths but the same diameter, packed in a strong carrying bag.
  • A greater soil depth for each stroke results in the swifter reaching of greater depths.
  • The samples obtained are virtually undisturbed.


Eijkelkamp Batch Sampler

Product Features
  • Sampling during batch inspection and sand dredging.
  • Enables sampling of loose discharged sand, dry coarse sand and fine gravel.
  • Sampling according to imaginary grid.
  • Has a large mouth enabling to sample even more coarse materials. 
  • Two designs were available: the riverside and the soft clay auger.
  • Eijkelkamp Batch Sampler special set is composed of an ergonomic handle, the batch sampler, a gouge auger Ø 60 mm, a soft clay auger, Riverside auger Ø 100 mm and a wire mesh sieve 16 mm.
  • According to Dutch protocol BRL SIKB 1000.


 Grass Plot Sampler
Eijkelkamp 05.03 Grass Plot Sampler

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 05.03  Grass Plot Sampler available in two dimensions, small or large.
  • Consist of a steel auger pipe, a collecting bucket and a stick with a steel handle. Sample is easily pushed toward the collecting trough because of the conical shape of pipe.
  • The correct number of samples per hectare depends on the type of crop, the relief and the type of soil.
  • Required to take 30 samples per hectare in case of grassland.
  • Possible to take samples of the top 5 cm (resp. 10 cm) of grass covered areas, for root- and/or fertilization research, quickly.
  • Suitable for research in grassland farming, horticulture and for the Parks and Public Gardens Department.


02.01 Tripods
Eijkelkamp 02.01 Tripods

Product Features


  • Eijkelkamp 02.01 Tripods is an essential part of a bailer boring set (cable tool drilling equipment). Also drillings at greater depths, or the application of heavier augering or soil core sample equipment require the use of a tripod.
  • In selecting a tripod, working height, weight, and maximum load capacity (= tensile force) are usually determinant factors. However, the range of application is of such a magnitude, that the selection of the tripod depends strongly on the kind of work that may have to be performed with the selected tripod besides the performance of soil drillings.


Lord Sampler
Soil Moisture Lord Sampler

Product Features
  • Soil Moisture Lord Sampler is 38" (0.97 m) in overall length with a 1" (2.5cm) shaft X 1.310" (5.2 cm) handle plus handle grips.
  • The "T" handle assembly is made of rugged and welded aluminum tubing and the one foot sample inspection and removal portion, which is now replaceable, is made of tough chrome molly tubing with a black oxide finish.
  • The replaceable cutting tip is made of unfinished but heat treated stainless steel.
  • The unit is also marked in 6" (15.2cm) increments to assure user are at the desired depth while sampling.
  • Optional with this design is a 4 foot depth option or a stainless steel sample inspection and removal portion.