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Electric Contact Meter Type KLL-T
Seba Electric Contact Meter Type KLL-T

Product Features
  • Seba Electric Contact Meter Type KLL-T high accurate instrument for water level and temperature measurement in groundwater.
  • Fast reaction and excellent display.
  • Ranges from 15 - 500 m with temperatures of  0-50°C / 75°C

Seba Checker-2

Product Features
  • The portable instrument for water quality measurement in rivers.
  • Seba Checker-2 for connection of multiparameter probes MPS-D3, MPS-D8 and MPS-K16.
  • Parameters: °C, conductivity, salinity, O2, pH, ORP, NH3, NO3-, Cl-, NH4+, Na+, Ca2+, F-, K+, turbidity, Chl a etc.

Seba Rain Gauge Type RG-100
Seba Rain Gauge Type RG-100

Product Features
  • Seba Rain Gauge Type RG-100 tipping bucket rain gauge with collecting area of 200, 314, 400, 500 and 1000 cm².
  • Resolution 0,1 or 0,2 mm.
  • Sampling bottle of 5 l.

Automatic Weather Station
Seba Automatic Weather Station

Product Features
  • Individually configured according to the given specification.
  • All requested parameters can be connected to the data logger.
  • Seba Automatic Weather Station additionally different kind of transmission systems can be used.

MJK Liquid Sampler 780

Product Features
  • MJK Liquid Sampler 780 used to take samples from lakes, rivers, sewage systems, pumping stations, etc.
  • Can be connected directly to MJK Flow Converter 713, for flow proportional sampling.
  • It uses the pressure and vacuum sampling method.
  • When the sampler receives the start signal from either the control panel or an external controller, the sample tube is pressurised to clear it of any residue from the previous sample.
  • The velocity of the suction must be >0,5 m/s.

Seba FlashCom-2 & LogCom-2
Seba FlashCom-2 & LogCom-2

Product Features
  • Data Transmission via GSM/GPRS networks
  • Multi Channel Data Logger LCD Display
  • Suitable for 2" Casing
  • Battery or Solar Power
  • Optional Bluetooth

MJK Flumes For Flow Measurement

Product Features


  • MJK Flumes For Flow Measurement is for measurement of flow in open systems MJK supplies prefabricated flumes.
  • The flumes are manufactured in fibre glass, PVC or stainless steel. The flumes are ready for installation or moulding.
  • Available in Parshall, Venturi and Palmer & Bowlus flumes.
  • The flumes are delivered as complete channel sections ensuring the best possible measuring accuracy.
  • Easy moulding and mounting.
  • Preparations made for mounting of MJK 200230 & 35 Sensor bracket for flume.
  • Standard types which cover the range from 35 m3/h to 2000 m3/h

Multiparameter Sensor MPS-K16
Seba Multiparameter Sensor MPS-K16

Product Features
  • Up to 17 parameters can be measured: Water level, °C, Conductivity, Salinity, O2, pH, ORP, NH3, NO3-, Cl-, NH4+, Na+, Ca2+, F-, K+, Turbidity, Chl a, Cyano Bacteria and Rhodamine WT.
  • Seba Multiparameter Sensor MPS-K16 for use with data logger MDS-5.

Data Logger UniLog
Seba Data Logger UniLog

Product Features
  • Seba Data Logger UniLog is new generation multilogger for storage of analogue and digital measuring values.

Seba PS-Light 2C

Product Features
  • compact, robust measurement system for measurement of water level in accordance with the bubble gauge principle
  • high accuracy (0.05% FS) and long-term stability through smart sensor drift compensation 
  • Measuring ranges: 0-10 m (standard), Option: 0-15 m, 0-20 m, 0-30 m, 0-40 m, 0-70 m
  • Low energy consumption through optimised pump control
  • wide range of output signals (0-1 V, 0-5 V, 0/4-20 mA, RS485, SDI12, BCD, Binary, Grey) for uncomplicated connection to external data collectors or to process control systems (SPS)
  • easy installation in the existing water level stations, protective housing or control cabinets
  • optionally available with integrated data collector, type PS-Light-2C, as well as a GSM modem for remote data-transmission, type PS-Light-2C GSM