Laboratory Soil Physical Research

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Air permeameter for soil
Eijkelkamp 08.65 Air Permeameter For Soil

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 08.65 Air Permeameter For Soil measures the permeability or conductance of an (undisturbed) soil sample.
  • Required when considering quantified data and interpretation of the pore continuity and its dependency on the matric potential, as well as the effect of mechanical stress application on the anisotropy of pore structure for example.
  • Sample sizes: Ø 53x50 h 51 mm; Ø 0x56 h 40.5 mm and Ø 103x100 h 30 mm

Cup Extractor
Soil Moisture Cup Extractor

Product Features
  • Soil Moisture Cup Extractor used for the quick determination of soil moisture retention values.
  • Available in 1 and 15 bar values
  • Small, compact, fits most all extractors
  • A controlled suction environment for growth
  • All parts are nonmetallic, permanently joined, and free from possible contamination from volatile sealants or compounds.

Compression test apparatus
Eijkelkamp 08.67 Compression Test Apparatus

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 08.67 Compression Test Apparatus measures the impact of vertical stress on an undisturbed soil sample.
  • During the measurement of soil water matrix, compression stress and vertical displacement are simultaneously measured.
  • The apparatus is operating computer controlled using multifunctional software for executing measurement protocols and both numerical and graphical visualised data presentation.
  • The samples are taken in a soil sample ring Ø 103 x 100 mm, height 30 mm, contents 235 cc


 Hauben water permeameter
Eijkelkamp 09.03 Hauben water permeameter

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 09.03 Hauben water permeameter apparatus is a laboratory test method for establishing the coefficient of permeability or hydrologic conductance of water (vertically) through an undisturbed water-saturated soil sample.
  • Suitable for fine-grained soil, especially silt and clay.
  • The principle of the measurement is based on the ‘Falling Head Method’.
  • Easy manual operation
  • Proven accurate measurement principle
  • Efficient multi sample handling using the fast-exchange sample holder
  • Up to 15 samples per container
  • Sample sizes, Ø 60x56 h 40.5 mm (optional: Ø 53x50 h 51 mm)
  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • Developed in cooperation with Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel.