Image Analysis System

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Product Features
  • Regent WinRHIZO TRON are manual root measurement programs that allow you to analyse images coming from minirhizotron underground video camera systems or other sources that do not always offer a good contrast between roots and their background.
  • The main difference between the two Tron versions are: WinRHIZO TRON analyses one frame at a time; & WinRHIZO TRON MF analyses multiple frames simultaneously (MF=Multiple Frames).
  • In order to measure roots with WinRHIZO TRON you must manually trace them with the mouse over the image.
  • As you trace roots to indicate their presence, WinRHIZO TRON measures them and display complete morphological information on screen. Any root segment or node can be modified (moved, re-sized, deleted or added) by clicking the mouse or pressing keyboard keys.
  • As you modify the roots, morphological measurements and data in files are automatically updated.

Regent WinFOLIA

Product Features
  • Regent WinFOLIA is a computer image analysis system that accurately do morphological measurements on broad leaves.
  • It comprises hardware for image acquisition (scanner or digital camera and accessories) and a computer program, WinFOLIA, specifically designed for leaf area, morphology and disease analysis.
  • Different configurations are offered in function of measurements, speed, accuracy and portability.

Regent WinSEEDLE

Product Features
  • Regent WinSEEDLE is an image analysis system specifically designed for needle and seed morphology and disease analysis.
  • Measurement of straight or curved needles/seeds
  • Automatic filtering of defects and debris
  • Interactive image edition
  • Measurements are visible in the images. Corrections can be done by the operator before saving data.
  • Special lighting system to avoid shadows during image acquisition
  • Data saved in ASCII format that can easily be imported in spreadsheet or data visualization software program
  • Batch scanning and analysis: to scan and store images and analyze them later
  • Histogram of needle/seed length, width or area displayed on screen during measurement
  • Individual and average surface area (estimated from projected area and 3 dimensional models)


Product Features
  •  Regent WinSCANOPY is a digital image analyser for canopy and solar radiations analysis which measures leaf area index, gap fraction, canopy openness, site factors and much more.
  • It works from hemispherical images taken by a digital camera and a fisheye lens or from cover images with a narrower view angle.
  • It is available as software alone or as a complete system offered in different versions ranging from low cost to high precision and full-featured.
  • Some models are more compact and lightweight but still exhibit a very good image quality.


Regent WinCAM NDVI

Product Features
  • Regent WinCAM NDVI is an image analysis system which can do various types of measurements, color quantification and classification, vegetation indexes, NDVI and profilometry.
  • It is available as a computer software program or complete system including camera and calibration accessories (NDVI)
  • uses image analysis to quantify areas of different color that falls into ranges that you specify. It has a wide variety of applications.
  • very sensitive and can detect very small color differences. Its interactive design makes it very easy to use.
  • It can measure basic objects morphology such as area, length and width by different methods.
  • It also measures their color distribution (area per color) and can classify the image or the objects based on different criteria: color dominance, ratio of colors, color or vegetation index (NDVI, Greenness).