Climate/ Meteo Sensors

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Rainahead ®
MJK Rainahead ®

Product Features
  • MJK Rainahead ® a modern and sturdy rain gauge for measuring rain intensity as well as quantity.
  • The rain gauge is mounted on e.g. a pole and is collecting the rain in the hopper that leads into a cup.
  • Calibrated to create an impulse per 0.2mm rain.
  • A connected MJK unit measures and calculates the intensity and amount of rain.

 HSS VPF-750
Biral VPF-750 Visibility & Present Weather Sensor

Product Features


  • Measures visibility, present weather and past weather including freezing rain
  • Distinguishes haze and smoke from mist
  • Measures 50 of the most important WMO 4680 table codes
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Advanced present weather determination
  • Optional ambient light sensor for RVR applications
  • Proven accuracy, reliability and repeatability
  • Advanced self-test and monitoring system
  • Very low power requirements
  • Long and trouble-free operational life
  • Minimal maintenance requirements and running costs
  • Highly resistant to sea-water corrosion
  • Built to last

WatchDog Model 1115 Rain Logger
Spectrum WatchDog Model 1115 Rain Logger

Product Features
  • Spectrum WatchDog Model 1115 Rain Logger connect to your existing rain gauge
  • Records up to 10,584 rain interval events
  • Select intervals from 1 to 60 minutes [maximum 10.23 in (26 cm) per interval]
  • LCD display confirms operation
  • Includes weatherproof enclosure and 12-month, CR2450 battery
  • Requires SpecWare 9 Basic or Pro

Spectrum Digital Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

Product Features
  • High accuracy, low-maintenance tipping bucket rain collector
  • Spectrum Digital Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge meets NWS guidelines with an 8 in (20.5 cm) diameter collector
  • Automatically records and displays up to 9.99 in (25 cm) of rain
  • Includes long-life lithium battery and 60 ft (18 m) of cable
  • Displays in inches only

Wireless Rain Collector with Temperature
Spectrum Wireless Rain Collector with Temperature

Product Features
  • Spectrum Wireless Rain Collector with Temperature unit displays cumulative total for the past 24 hours or cumulative total for the past seven days
  • Collector can be placed up to 100 ft (30 m) from the main unit
  • Includes indoor and wireless outdoor thermometers and rain alarm
  • LCD displays in/mm rainfall
  • Wirelessly transmits at 433 MHz

Leaf Wetness Sensor
Spectrum Leaf Wetness Sensor

Product Features
  • Spectrum Leaf Wetness Sensor grid-like, resistance-type sensor mimics moisture on vegetation from 0 (dry) to 15 (wet).
  • The sensor is a circuit board with interlacing gold-plated fingers. Condensation on the sensor lowers the resistance between the fingers, which is measured by a WatchDog Weather Station.

CO2 Sensor
Spectrum CO2 Sensor

Product Features
  • Nondispersive infrared (NDIR) technology measures CO2 levels in ppm. May be used as a handheld portable (internal, rechargeable battery) or wall-mounted for continous recording and data logging with a WatchDog Data Logger (one CO2 meter per logger).
  • Includes 6-volt DC transformer. Range: 0-4,000 ppm. Accuracy: +/- 5% of reading or 50 ppm, whichever is greater.
  • Spectrum CO2 Sensor for connection with WatchDog Weather Stations

Barometric Pressure Sensors
Spectrum Barometric Pressure Sensors

Product Features
  • Barometric Pressure Sensors for WatchDog Weather Stations. 
  • Spectrum Barometric Pressure Sensors can be programmed to record in either metric (mm) or U.S. (inches) of Hg.

Temperature (Micro) Sensor
Spectrum Temperature (Micro) Sensor

Product Features
  • Spectrum Temperature (Micro) Sensor measure surface temperature of leaves and other applications.  
  • Works with WatchDog Weather Stations.

Replacement RH Sensor
Spectrum Replacement RH Sensor

Product Features
  • Spectrum Replacement RH Sensor replace user RH sensor and return to like-new accuracy.