Portable Environmental Meter

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LightScout Light Sensor Reader
Spectrum LightScout Light Sensor Reader

Product Features
  • Read any of Spectrum’s light sensors, which come with 6 ft (2 m) cables
  • Plug in a sensor, choose it on the LCD, and start measuring UV, Quantum Light, or Solar Radiation
  • Spectrum LightScout Light Sensor Reader can also be used with WatchDog Weather, Mini and Micro Stations
  • LightScout External Light Sensor Reader includes soft-sided case (also available separately)

Sensaphone Alarm and Dialer
Spectrum Sensaphone Alarm and Dialer

Product Features
  • Spectrum Sensaphone Alarm and Dialer remote frost & security alarm alerts you to weather events or equipment failures that can result in crop loss
  • Monitor up to 4 sensors
  • Calls up to four pre-programmed numbers to alert you to unsafe conditions
  • Call in to check current conditions or listen to on-site sounds
  • Powered by 110V Adapter (included) or on six C batteries (not included)
  • Sensors are not included, please order separately 

ThermAlarm III
Spectrum ThermAlarm III

Product Features
  • Spectrum ThermAlarm III hermetically sealed magnetic switches trigger an alarm condition

Auto Dialer
Spectrum Auto Dialer

Product Features
  • Spectrum Auto Dialer dials up to four phone numbers with a pre-recorded message when actuated by opened or closed circuit
  • Auto Dialer runs on battery (not included) or AC Adapter (Item 3419AC, sold seperatly)

WatchDog Visual Frost Alert
Spectrum WatchDog Visual Frost Alert

Product Features
  • When the temperature approaches freezing, the high-powered LED light (visible from about two miles) changes flash frequency and pattern to indicate temperature conditions at a glance
  • Spectrum WatchDog Visual Frost Alert requires 3 AAA lithium batteries (not included)

Digital Wind/Temperature Meters
Spectrum Digital Wind/Temperature Meters

Product Features
  • Spectrum Digital Wind/Temperature Meters essential for pesticide applicators
  • Palm sized, tough and affordable
  • Compact temperature and wind meter detects the slightest wind movement
  • Measures mph, m/s, km/h, knots, ft/m
  • Averages wind speed every 2 seconds
  • Features auto power off and hold button 

Temperature/RH Pens
Spectrum Temperature/RH Pens

Product Features
  • Spectrum Temperature/RH Pens fast and accurate temperature and humidity readings from a pocket sized meter
  • Features ºF or ºC scales, min/max memory, data hold and auto power-off
  • Patented rotating cap to protect the sensor
  • CR2032 battery included
  • Also displays dew point and wet bulb temperature 

Apollo Meter
Skye Apollo Meter

Product Features
  • Skye Apollo Meter is hand-held meter to allow easy readings of light sensors out in the field, come rain or shine.
  • Its intuitive and clear interface lets users take direct and live readings from attached light sensors.
  • Customisable offset level
  • Store configurations for up to 6 different sensors, which allows efficient use of time whilst taking multiple measurements.
  • Can be used with any Skye UV sensors.
  • View & edit up to two units for measurements
  • Will work with both Skye sensors and some non-Skye sensors
  • Auto-Ranging, auto adjusts significant figures

Skye SpectroSense2+

Product Features
  • SpectroSense2+ is an 8-channel logger & meter
  • Skye SpectroSense2+ designed for single channel, 2-channel, or 4-channel sensor types
  • Can also be used with light sensors from most other manufacturers
  • SpectroSense2+displays and logs from 8 sensors or channels
  • Displays sensor ratios for NDVI calculations
  • Hold & store functions
  • Ideal for ground truth measurements

SpectroSense 2
Skye SpectroSense 2

Product Features
  • 4-Channel meter for light sensors
  • Skye SpectroSense 2 designed for single channel, 2-channel, or 4-channel sensor types
  • Can also be used with light sensors from most other manufacturers
  • Displays readings from 4 sensors or channels simultaneously
  • Hold & store functions