Data Logger

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WatchDog A160 Temp/RH/C02 Logger
Spectrum WatchDog A160 Temp/RH/C02 Logger

Product Features
  • Spectrum WatchDog A160 Temp/RH/C02 Logger measures CO2, temperature and RH
  • LCD display confirms logger operation and displays current sensor readings
  • Select measurement intervals from 1 to 120 minutes
  • Log 5,333 intervals in fail-safe EEPROM data memory
  • A160 is indoor use only and must be protected from moisture
  • Requires A/C power; international adapter included
  • A160 requires SpecWare 9 (v9.3 or later) 

WatchDog B-Series Button Loggers
Spectrum WatchDog B-Series Button Loggers

Product Features
  • Spectrum WatchDog B-Series Button Loggers log temperatures ranging from 14° to 185°F (-10° to 85°C) with accuracy of ±2°F (±1.1°C)
  • Water resistant (IP56) stainless steel case
  • Select measurement intervals from 1 to 120 minutes
  • Log 2,000 to 8,000 intervals
  • Internal sensors
  • Integral non-replaceable battery
  • Choose from temperature-only or temperature/humidity models
  • SpecWare software and the B-Series Docking Station with USB connection (also available with Serial connection) are required.

Skye WindHog

Product Features
  • Skye WindHog dedicated, accurate and reliable system, which is easy to use, completely weatherproof, robust, durable and low cost
  • Battery operated with a choice of additional power supplies – solar and mains
  • GSM remote link communication available as an option

Skye RainHog

Product Features
  • Automatic Rain Measurement System
  • Compact system for the automatic logging of rainfall
  • Skye RainHog easy-to-use software
  • GSM remote link communication available as an option

Skye SpectroSense2+

Product Features
  • SpectroSense2+ is an 8-channel logger & meter
  • Skye SpectroSense2+ designed for single channel, 2-channel, or 4-channel sensor types
  • Can also be used with light sensors from most other manufacturers
  • SpectroSense2+displays and logs from 8 sensors or channels
  • Displays sensor ratios for NDVI calculations
  • Hold & store functions
  • Ideal for ground truth measurements

SpectroSense 2
Skye SpectroSense 2

Product Features
  • 4-Channel meter for light sensors
  • Skye SpectroSense 2 designed for single channel, 2-channel, or 4-channel sensor types
  • Can also be used with light sensors from most other manufacturers
  • Displays readings from 4 sensors or channels simultaneously
  • Hold & store functions

Unidata Standard STARLOGGER

Product Features
  • Offering not only an expanded signal capacity and range but also easier programmability.
  • Offer 12 input channels, two high speed serial input/output busses and two outputs.
  • Provide two power sources for external instruments.
  • The range of scan rates extends from 125 milliseconds to 5 minutes.
  • Unidata Standard STARLOGGER designed for trouble-free operation in a wide range of data logging applications
  • Readily replaces a PDL and also offers increased performance.
  • Eight (10 bit) analog channels, four (16 bit) counter/frequency channels, and sixteen (16 bit) STARBUS serial I/O channels.
  • Memory is a large 512K capacity CMOS RAM, enough storage for many months of recording.
  • Portable, containing an internal battery supply for one year of normal operation.
  • Fully programmable using the STARLOG programming language.
  • RS-232 serial communication standards

Unidata Display STARLOGGER

Product Features
  • Unidata Display STARLOGGER offers the added convenience of a display and keyboard as well as all the functions of the Standard STARLOGGER.
  • The 32 character two-line Liquid Crystal Display enables user to view signal readings even whilst recording.
  • Battery, memory and program status provide complete field checks.

Unidata Starlog PROLOGGER

Product Features
  • With twice the accuracy, four times the memory capacity, eight times the resolution and sixteen times the dynamic range.
  • Unidata Starlog PROLOGGER ideal upgrade from its predecessor the Model 7000 Macro Logger.
  • All PROLOGGER analogue and digital inputs are processed with 16-bit resolution.
  • The sixteen inputs now support the ranges: ±5.000V (155µV/bit resolution), ±500mV (15.5µV/bit resolution), ±50mV (1.55µV/bit resolution) and ±5mV (155nV/bit resolution)
  • The superior accuracy of the new design means that input voltages will be converted to better than 0.05% of full scale over the full operating temperature range, and 0.1% in the 5mV range.
  • Memory capacity of 512KB 
  • Also includes all the familiar STARLOG features such as SDI-12 instrument support, Modem command/Dial-out support, universal battery pack, continuous power source, scheme control of power supplies and field upgradable control firmware.

Data Logger - DAA H-500XL
NIWA Data Logger - DAA H-500XL

Product Features
  • NIWA Data Logger - DAA H-500XL ideal for small Hydrology or Met Stations
  • Built-in key pad and easy-to-read display enable system configuration or viewing data
  • External button allows simplified way to view current data values
  • Three RS-232 Serial Ports for use with local terminals, modems, GOES radios, remote displays, etc.
  • Four analog inputs
  • SDI-12 master mode
  • Two programmable digital inputs/outputs
  • One event counter input (tipping bucket rain gauge)
  • Frequency input (wind speed)
  • Quadrature shaft encoder input
  • Scalable and programmable 4-20 mA output
  • Data logging capability using nonvolatile internal storage
  • Sealed, corrosion-resistant, nonconductive enclosure
  • Operating temperature range of -40 to +60 degC