Software Analysis

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Multilogger Software
Sisgeo Multilogger Software

Product Features
  • Sisgeo Multilogger Software designed to manage the data acquired from monitoring instrumentation, whether connected directly to the PC or whether connected to PC’s accessible remotely via communication peripherals.
  • It’s function is not limited to programming the ADK-100 datalogger, however download, monitoring, alarms management and data collection are also supported.
  • ML-DB expands the basic functionality of the ML Software by integrating SQL (Structured Query Language) database technology for storage and retrieval of data.
  • Insite pack, working only with ML-DB, includes the ability to present a project as a series of “Image Windows” (schematics, photos or engineering drawings).
  • ML Software works on all Microsoft Windows operative systems, including Vista and Seven 32/64 bit.

INCLI2 Software
Sisgeo INCLI2 Software

Product Features
  • Sisgeo INCLI2 Software used for data management of inclinometer measurements.
  • Data files can be created by manual data entry or directly from ARCHIMEDE datalogger through its USB COM port.
  • Software functions can be selected through the main menu.
  • The deflection curve of inclinometer casing is calculated by reading the probe rotation angle  at different measuring depths – related to the vertical Z-X and Z-Y planes.
  • Data processing allows the following choices: – absolute: providing the actual profile of casing according to the three coordinate axis; – differential: the most common type of processing.
  • The displacements of the inclinometer casing are referred to the initial reading; – local: showing local displacements at each depth with reference to the initial reading; – local displacement versus time: deformation versus time of reading at the same depth.

Software T-REX
Sisgeo Software T-REX

Product Features
  • Processes measurements from SISGEO T-Rex or INCREX type probes in terms of local or cumulate deformations of the investigated soil volume.
  • Sisgeo Software T-REX in order to obtain a more significant interpolation of the measured values, the software includes a smoothing technique which enables to obtain numerical and graphical results which better reproduce the real behavior of the investigated phenomena.
  • T-REX measurements are automatically imported from Archimede datalogger; readings from Increx system could be also managed and manually imported.
  • Both row and smoothed measurement data can be processed and plotted. By selecting a specific job site, casings parameters as well as related readings can be displayed.
  • Minimum System Requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista 32/64 bit, Seven 32/64 bit

Smart Software For Portable Datalogger
Sisgeo Smart Software For Portable Datalogger

Product Features
  • Smart Manager Suite is a package of integrated programs with SmartManager, SmartExport and SmartRemote.
  • Sisgeo Smart Software For Portable Datalogger the suite has been designed to work under Microsoft Windows OS (XP, Vista x86-x64 and Seven x86-x64) in order to manage completely the new Archimede, Leonardo, New Leonardo and Galileo portable Dataloggers.
  • Smart Manager synchronizes datas recorded on user PC with datas on DL and manages, in a user friendly way, data creation and change.
  • Smart Export has been designed to manage easily and quickly DL readings export in Excel or text format, so that data can easily be saved on your PC or be processed from other programs.
  • Smart Remote has been designed to allow DL’s remote assistance.
  • Smart Manager Suite allows the automatic datalogger’s software and firmware’s ‘Live Up-Date’. Every 7 days the software searchs for new updates (FW and SW) and, if available, will guide the user step-by-step in the installation. In this way user will always have software’s last version in an easy and effective way.


Quantum Map
NIWA Quantum Map

Product Features
  • NIWA Quantum Map a free, open source, desktop mapping tool based on the popular Quantum GIS application.
  • Simpler for new users to learn as it has had some GIS functionality hidden or removed to be less confusing.
  • It also has a custom plugin added to provide easy access to NIWA map data over the internet. 

Beach Profile Analysis Toolbox
NIWA Beach Profile Analysis Toolbox

Product Features
  • Multiple data entry methods
  • NIWA Beach Profile Analysis Toolbox streamlined migration and importing of profile datasets from spreadsheets and other commonly used profile analysis software
  • Graphical data quality checking and manipulation routines
  • Storage of benchmark history and survey details, including digital image storage
  • Customisable parameters for data analysis
  • A range of commonly used profile analyses, including volume change, cut/fill changes and histograms, excursion distance changes
  • Customisable data viewing and plotting functionality
  • Data export to other beach profile analysis packages, spreadsheets, plotting programmes and Geographical Information Systems.

NIWA Latent And Sensible Heat Fluxes From Lake Water Surfaces

Product Features
  • NIWA Latent And Sensible Heat Fluxes From Lake Water Surfaces the latent heat flux and evaporation from lakes are predicted to increase in a warming climate.
  • This model script (written in Matlab) estimates latent and sensible heat fluxes from lake water surfaces.
  • It uses air temperature, water surface temperature, air pressure, relative humidity, wind speed and sensor height for wind speed as input data.
  • The model accounts for atmospheric stability of the surface boundary layer through the stability functions and includes the effects of changes in the roughness length of vapor and the roughness length of temperature.
  • The roughness length of momentum accounts for smooth flow, and air density is adjusted for air temperature and air pressure.
  • The model can be used to track changes in surface heat fluxes at any time scale.

Neon Applications Software
NIWA Neon Applications Software

Product Features
  • NIWA Neon Applications Software low overhead
  • Scaleable architecture
  • Software to be installed on Windows XP computer, Windows 2003/8 Server, multiple W2003/8 servers and large-scale virtual servers
  • View data from any browser on the internet
  • Reconfigure Neon remote loggers on-line
  • Diagnose and reset Neon remote loggers on-line
  • Upload new logger schemes on-line
  • Automated FTP/ Web Services/email reports
  • Automated email and SMS alarm notifications
  • True IP services/guaranteed data delivery system
  • Industry standard architecture

High Intensity Rainfall Design System
NIWA High Intensity Rainfall Design System

Product Features
  • A simple online tool that can estimate rainfall frequency at any point in New Zealand.
  • NIWA High Intensity Rainfall Design System can be used to estimate rainfall depths for hydrological design purposes, and to assess the rarity of observed storm events.
  • Users can enter a street address, or click a location on a map, and HIRDS provides storm rainfall depths for durations from 10 minutes to 72 hours, for once-a-year storms, or one-in-100-years, and every contingency in between.
  • A table appears on the screen with a series of depth, duration, and frequency statistics for rainfalls in minutes and hours. 
  • New features included in Version 3 of HIRDS are an updated database from New Zealand sites for durations of 10minutes to 72 hours, enhancements to the method of regional frequency analysis of high intensity rainfalls, extreme rainfall assessments for given climate change temperature scenarios and option to generate HIRDS tables either as rainfall depths or as rainfall intensities.

NIWA Surfer

Product Features

  • NIWA Surfer windows based environmental software representing the highest quality in contour mapping and surface plotting.
  • Easily convert hydrogeological data into exceptional maps which are completely flexible to user needs.
  • 2D Contouring, Analysis, and Visualization Software
  • With all the options available in Surfer, user can customize the maps to produce exactly the presentation they want.
  • Producing publication quality maps in Surfer has never been quicker, easier, and more satisfying.