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Extension Cable - 20ft Cable
Spectrum Extension Cable - 20ft Cable

Product Features
  • 20 ft (6 m) extension for all sensors.  
  • Spectrum Extension Cable - 20ft Cable connects to all WatchDog equipment and hand-held readers.

General Input Cables
Spectrum General Input Cables

Product Features
  • Spectrum General Input Cables 0-3V input and 4-20mA input.

Modem Link
Skye Modem Link

Product Features
  • Skye Modem Link for connection to MiniMet & DataHog loggers
  • 24 hour easy access to your data, direct from your home or office
  • MiniMet or DataHog can be installed wherever there is access to a telephone line and mains power
  • Access from any country in the world

Remote Telemetry Switches
Unidata Remote Telemetry Switches

Product Features
  • Unidata Remote Telemetry Switches these multiplexers are used in conjunction with the RTU and fit inside its enclosure.
  • They enable interrogation of up to eight Data Loggers connected to one RTU.
  • The Data Loggers may be located 10 metres away (via the Model 6804D PDL Direct Interface) or up to 500 metres from the RTU (using the Model 6804C Isolated Interface and Driver.

Unidata Desktop Data Modem

Product Features
  • Unidata Desktop Data Modem to interrogate Model 6805 Remote Telemetry Units, we offer a low cost, mains powered Data Modem for use with central computing equipment.
  • This desktop model can automatically answer incoming calls and initiate outgoing calls.

Niwa GSM System

Product Features
  • Niwa GSM System connects STARLOGGER and STARFLOW to the Global System Mobile data communications network.

Niwa Data Radio - Tait TM8105 (Custom)

Product Features
  • Niwa Data Radio - Tait TM8105 (Custom) uses this data radio extensively throughout the National Hydrometric Network for telemetering water level data.
  • This 25W, 24-channel data radio is proving to be a robust performer.
  • It's custom-engineered 3DK intelligent interface system enables the intelligent transmission of data at 1200 Baud.
  • It uses a 'one request-to-many' approach to achieve a superior throughput for this Baud rate.
  • The system is configured  for use with NIWA's Flosys software.

Niwa Modbus to SDI converter - Unidata 6543A

Product Features
  • Niwa Modbus to SDI converter - Unidata 6543A sometimes referred to as ‘BabelStar’
  • Alternatively it can convert High Speed Serial data to Modbus data.
  • A standard protocol that defines exactly how a sensor must communicate with a datalogger.
  •  HSIO is a Unidata proprietary protocol.
  • In the Modbus to SDI-12 conversion the protocol converter acts as a Modbus slave on a Modbus Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) bus.
  • On receipt of a Modbus command from the RTU, the 6543 converts it to SDI-12.
  • The SDI-12 command is sent to the SDI device, executed and the SDI response is converted to Modbus protocol and sent to the Modbus RTU. 
  • The data returned is selectable, as either BCD or floating point.

NIWA SDI Diagnostic Tool - NIWA SDI Explorer

Product Features
  • A diagnostic tool which turns your PC screen into a ‘window’ that allows you to observe the data traffic on an SDI-12 communications bus.
  • You can even take command yourself and directly interrogate any SDI-12 sensor within the system.
  • An industry standard serial data interface used extensively between low-power environmental monitoring sensors and loggers.
  • NIWA has developed this tiny USB to SDI-12 interface to fill the gap.
  • NIWA SDI Diagnostic Tool - NIWA SDI Explorer provides a simple connection between an SDI-12 serial data bus and a computer with a spare USB port.
  • The application software that comes with it allows you to view SDI-12 serial data and enables you to send SDI-12 commands.
  • In this way you can easily check your sensors, monitor and configure SDI-12 data connections. 

CD295 DataView II Display
CD295 DataView II Display

Product Features
  • CD295 DataView II Display suitable for CR200 Series, CR800 Series, CR1000 and CR3000 data loggers
  • Displays real time input location value, its description and measurement units
  • Two line 32- character display
  • Mounts into enclosure lid
  • Synchronises with the data logger's execution interval, allowing measurements to be displayed as they are made
  • Uses PC295 software (included) for programming
  • Scrolls through 30 selected input locations using the display's simple keypad
  • Protective door kit (included) for displays exposed to the elements