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Rain Gauge Type RG-50
Seba Rain Gauge Type RG-50

Product Features
  • Seba Rain Gauge Type RG-50 tipping bucket rain gauge sensor with collecting area of 200, 314, 400, 500 and 1000 cm².
  • Resolution 0,1 or 0,2 mm.
  • Simple connection of data logger.

MJK My Connect ® RTU Unit

Product Features
  • An integrated control and monitoring Instrument.
  • MJK My Connect ® RTU Unit for the control of pumping stations, small wastewater treatment plants and to measure and record over flow, control filters, raw water pumps and booster pumps for water supply pump stations.
  • Has advanced features for power optimization of pumps with the control of frequency and has functions for calculation, data logging and communication with SCADA systems.
  • Has WIFI built-in and is operated with a PC program Instrument Link and can be monitored and updated with a smart phone with graphic and flexible access to data and controls.
  • Data are read on a PC with MJK Instrument-Link or a Connect® display or just on user smart mobile phone that connects via the built-in WiFi.
  • The built-in WiFi allows user to view and monitor their control with MJK Pump Apps®.
  • It is modular and attached to a DIN rail mounting with a DIN rail bus system to simplify installation of additional I/O modules.
  • With a wide selection of I/O modules, it can be configured as simply as an alarm status device or with the full functionality of a multi-variable process control PLC.

SEBA Dipper-PT
SEBA Dipper-PT

Product Features
  • Reliable and robust
  • Precise and long-term stability
  • Slim design
  • Easy operation
  • Upgradable
  • Individually programmable
  • Practically maintenance-free


Data Logger MDS-Dipper 3
Seba Data Logger MDS-Dipper 3

Product Features
  • Seba Data Logger MDS-Dipper 3 for water level monitoring down to 1000 mts depths.
  • With vented cable for direct air pressure compensation.
  • Fits into 1" boreholes.

Data Logger MDS-Floater 3
Seba Data Logger MDS-Floater 3

Product Features
  • Seba Data Logger MDS-Floater 3 for water level monitoring down to 1000 mts. depths.
  • This completely pressure tight instrument combines float technology with advanced electronic.
  • 10 years battery function or more! 

Seba Qualilog-8

Product Features
  • Seba Qualilog-8 is multiparameter sensor with integrated data logger for water level, °C, conductivity, salinity, O2, pH, ORP, NH3, NO3-, Cl-, NH4+, Na+, Ca2+, F-, K+ and turbidity.

Seba Qualilog-16

Product Features
  • Seba Qualilog-16 is multiparameter sensor with integrated data logger for water level, °C, conductivity, salinity, O2, pH, ORP, NH3, NO3-, Cl-, NH4+, Na+, Ca2+, F-, K+ , turbidity, Chl a, cyanobacteria and rhodamine WT.

Field terminal SEBA-HDA
Seba Field terminal SEBA-HDA

Product Features
  • Seba Field terminal SEBA-HDA are universal field notebook is used for data logger programming, recording of manual values and for recording and processing of discharge measurements. 
  • Barcode-scanner or GPS are available as options.

Temperature Sensor Type TSL
Seba Temperature Sensor Type TSL

Product Features
  • Seba Temperature Sensor Type TSL for air temperature with radiation protection housing.
  • Range: -30°C to + 70 °C
  • Accuracy: 0,1 °C
  • Material: PVC

MJK Connect ® RTU Unit

Product Features
  • Both pump controller and SCADA devices in a single unit.
  • MJK Connect ® RTU Unit control and monitoring of wastewater pumping and drinking water treatment installations.
  • Control of variable speed drives for optimizing energy consumption
  • Collecting data and data logging from flow and level instruments
  • Communication using public telephones, private lines, GSM, GPRS, UHF Radios, Ethernet, WiFi etc.
  • Can simultaneously handle pump control while performing other complex functions.
  • Comes with an input and output module (I/O board) with 16 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs 6 analogue inputs and 1 analogue output
  • Can be used as a pump control for up to 8 water pumps.
  • Able to manage two pumping operations simultaneously such as would be required in a combination of a rain and wastewater pumping station.
  • Has functionality to control and optimize raw- and pure water pumps to control filters with backflow return, or for controlling and monitoring of booster pumps at the water supply network.
  • Also handles monitoring of water towers, intrusion protection, collection and storage of measured values, recording night flow, etc.
  • Performs event/incident logging with an large capacity.
  • Has the capacity for 30.000 data points with data and time-stamp included.
  • Can perform feedback control from other pumping stations equipped with Connect® for system wide coordination.
  • Can calculate storm events, giving data for flow and volume based upon level measurement and pre-defined coalition between level and volume with the build-in internal storm flow function.