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Data Logger MDS-Dipper 3
Seba Data Logger MDS-Dipper 3

Product Features
  • Seba Data Logger MDS-Dipper 3 for water level monitoring down to 1000 mts depths.
  • With vented cable for direct air pressure compensation.
  • Fits into 1" boreholes.

Data Logger MDS-Floater 3
Seba Data Logger MDS-Floater 3

Product Features
  • Seba Data Logger MDS-Floater 3 for water level monitoring down to 1000 mts. depths.
  • This completely pressure tight instrument combines float technology with advanced electronic.
  • 10 years battery function or more! 

Seba Qualilog-8

Product Features
  • Seba Qualilog-8 is multiparameter sensor with integrated data logger for water level, °C, conductivity, salinity, O2, pH, ORP, NH3, NO3-, Cl-, NH4+, Na+, Ca2+, F-, K+ and turbidity.

Seba Qualilog-16

Product Features
  • Seba Qualilog-16 is multiparameter sensor with integrated data logger for water level, °C, conductivity, salinity, O2, pH, ORP, NH3, NO3-, Cl-, NH4+, Na+, Ca2+, F-, K+ , turbidity, Chl a, cyanobacteria and rhodamine WT.

Field terminal SEBA-HDA
Seba Field terminal SEBA-HDA

Product Features
  • Seba Field terminal SEBA-HDA are universal field notebook is used for data logger programming, recording of manual values and for recording and processing of discharge measurements. 
  • Barcode-scanner or GPS are available as options.

MJK Connect ® RTU Unit

Product Features
  • Both pump controller and SCADA devices in a single unit.
  • MJK Connect ® RTU Unit control and monitoring of wastewater pumping and drinking water treatment installations.
  • Control of variable speed drives for optimizing energy consumption
  • Collecting data and data logging from flow and level instruments
  • Communication using public telephones, private lines, GSM, GPRS, UHF Radios, Ethernet, WiFi etc.
  • Can simultaneously handle pump control while performing other complex functions.
  • Comes with an input and output module (I/O board) with 16 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs 6 analogue inputs and 1 analogue output
  • Can be used as a pump control for up to 8 water pumps.
  • Able to manage two pumping operations simultaneously such as would be required in a combination of a rain and wastewater pumping station.
  • Has functionality to control and optimize raw- and pure water pumps to control filters with backflow return, or for controlling and monitoring of booster pumps at the water supply network.
  • Also handles monitoring of water towers, intrusion protection, collection and storage of measured values, recording night flow, etc.
  • Performs event/incident logging with an large capacity.
  • Has the capacity for 30.000 data points with data and time-stamp included.
  • Can perform feedback control from other pumping stations equipped with Connect® for system wide coordination.
  • Can calculate storm events, giving data for flow and volume based upon level measurement and pre-defined coalition between level and volume with the build-in internal storm flow function.

SEBA UnilogLight ENC

Product Features
  • The SEBA UnilogLight ENC is the ideal solution for water level measurement of ground and surface water.
  • The robust and compact measuring system with integrated shaft encoder (detachable) with a good price-performance ratio speakes for itsself.

StreamPro ADCP
Seba StreamPro ADCP

Product Features

  • Seba StreamPro ADCP Easy and accurate discharge measurement with the moving-boat-method.
  • For water depths from 20cm - 200cm (optionally up to 600cm) and velocities up to 5 m/s. 

SEBA LevelSense

Product Features
  • Reliable and robust shaft encoder
  • Outputs: 0/4...20mA, SDI12, SHWP(RS485)
  • Integrated LC-Display (option)
  • Cost effective modernization of existing water level monitoring stations
  • Internal battery supply for buffer in case of power failure
  • Continuous registration of water level fluctuations in ground- and surface waters
  • With integrated data logger (option)

Multiparameter Sensor MPS-D8
Seba Multiparameter Sensor MPS-D8

Product Features
  • 13 parameters can be measured: water level, °C, conductivity, salinity, O2, pH, ORP, NH3, NO3-, Cl-, NH4+, Na+, Ca2+, F-, K+ and turbidity.
  • Seba Multiparameter Sensor MPS-D8 for use with data logger MDS-5.