Ground Water Sampling & Monitoring

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Monitoring Well Pipes & Accessories
Eijkelkamp 10.01 Monitoring Well Pipes & Accessories

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 10.01 Monitoring Well Pipes & Accessories used to compose monitoring wells and piezometers.
  • Available in different materials and diameters, and are supplied in PE packaging.
  • Free of dust and sawdust.
  • Demonstrably very low level of leaching.
  • Large open surface.
  • Normalized slit width (0.3 mm).

High Quality Prefab Monitoring Pipes
Eijkelkamp High Quality Prefab Monitoring Pipes

Product Features
  • The assemblation of the filter parts and applying filter sand in a traditional monitoring well system is time spending, while storage and transportation of filter sand causes dirt and spoiling .
  • Eijkelkamp High Quality Prefab Monitoring Pipes is the traditional use of bentonite in a auger hole around a well pipe often results in an insufficient sealing, as bentonite swells slowly, allowing sand to penetrate until the bore is completely sealed.
  • An unsufficiently centred filter system often causes  unsatisfactory filtering and bentonite sealing.
  • A traditional monitoring pipe system requires more cleaning as necessary, while the amount of water flowing through is affected also.
  • Our program consists of a series of products for application in a standard auger hole that help to reduce the complexity and the time of installation, avoid the necessity for cleaning, and improve the efficiency and the quality of the monitoring well system.
  • The quality monitoring well consists of three components: a ready-to-use all-in-one filter pipe, plain pipes with bentonite collar and a sand catcher and is also available in a longer version.

Eijkelkamp 10.04 Direct-Well

Product Features
  • A miniature monitoring system constisting of a filter tube with filter gauze and a synthetic adapter, which is used to fix a PE tubing.
  • Bentonite collars are slipped over the tubing, which causes the room between the tubing and the impermeable layer to be sealed.
  • Eijkelkamp 10.04 Direct-Well suited for researching groundwater on all micro and macro parameters.

Well Protection Materials
Eijkelkamp 10.02 Well Protection Materials

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 10.02 Well Protection Materials to protect monitoring wells (and piezometers) against traffic, destruction, contamination and weather effects, various protective materials are  available.

Filter Sand
Eijkelkamp 10.98 Filter Sand

Product Features
  • Consisting of 99.5% SiO2, is extremely low in trace metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Eijkelkamp 10.98 Filter Sand is the best sand available for monitoring well systems.

Bentonite Plugs
Eijkelkamp 10.94 Bentonite Plugs

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 10.94 Bentonite Plugs used for sealing bores to prevent water mixing from different aquifers, after augering.
  • Available in 50 cm length and 34 mm or 48 mm diameter.
  • The material used and the plugs’ shape ensure a reliable hydrological sealing.
  • The plugs consists of 99% bentonite and only 1% synthetic fibres, resulting in absense of parts that could cause obstructions.
  • An auger hole with a diameter of 70 mm will be entirely closed off in about three days.
  • 100% sealing
  • Water pressure will not lift the plugs when swollen
  • Due to their rigidity and shape, the bentonite plugs can easily be pushed down to the desired depth.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • Based on bentonite KIWA K64405/01.

Bentonite Pellets
Eijkelkamp 10.96 Bentonite Pellets

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 10.96 Bentonite Pellets products are of type QSE, consisting of a completely natural unblended pure bentonite clay with a very high percentage montmorillonite.
  • The pellets’ diameter is 6 to 7 mm and the swelling capacity (in Enslin value) after 24 hours is at least 700%.
  • With KIWA product certificate K64405/01.

Filter Holder For In-line Filtration
Eijkelkamp 12.31 Filter Holder For In-line Filtration

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 12.31 Filter Holder For In-line Filtration suitable for field and laboratory, has a net filtration area of 130 cm2.
  • The medium to be filtered only has contact with the chemically inert teflon.
  • The rest of the apparatus consist of stainless steel.
  • If the proper filter membrane is used, very agressive fluids and gasses can also be filtered.
  • Can be connected in-line to a peristaltic pump, nitrogen powered gas-lift pump or a bladder pump.
  • Also vacuum filtrations are possible; any vacuum pump can be used to that purpose.

Disposable Filters For In-line Filtration
Eijkelkamp 12.30 Disposable Filters For In-line Filtration

Product Features
  • Eijkelkamp 12.30 Disposable Filters For In-line Filtration has four disposable filters for the filtration of groundwater are available: two with a limited, one with a medium and one with an extensive capacity.
  • The small filter has an effective filtration area of 20 cm2 and is suitable for the filtration of a limited quantity of groundwater with not too many fine particles.
  • The second small filter differs from the pre-mentioned because of its pore size of 0.20 micron.
  • The medium filter has an effective filtration area of 300 cm2 and universal hose barb connections.
  • The larger filter has an effective filtration area of 700 cm2 (35 x the capacity of the smallest filter).
  • Allows for quick filtration.
  • All filters have a pore size of 0.45 micron, a maximum working pressure of 4310 hPa and a maximum momentary pressure of 6865 hPa.
  • A tube with an internal diameter of 6-12 mm can be shoved on the inlet and outlet (large filter only 10 mm internal diameter).
  • The highest efficiency is reached if a filter is connected to the pressure-side of a peristaltic pump, adjusted to a low speed.
  • All filters are available in cost effective bulk packages.


Tubes And Accessories
Eijkelkamp 12.20 Tubes And Accessories

Product Features
  • The tubes vary in diameter, length, type of material and package.
  • Polyethylene tubes are produced according to KIWA BRL K64405/01.
  • The tube meets the physical-chemical requirements as laid down in the DIN 8072 standard and the ETU-hallmark.
  • There are teflon (fully inert) tubes available as transport tubes in various diameters.
  • A silicon rubber tube (in various diameters) is applied as pumping tube in combination with the peristaltic pump (manual or electrical).
  • Silicon rubber tubes are tested within the ETU-hallmark.
  • To prevent that during unrolling tube gets in a knot, it is recommended to apply a tube dispenser.
  • To avoid that tube endings are contaminated by touching the soil (or slide from the sampler flask) the so called ‘third hand’ can be applied.
  • Eijkelkamp 12.20 Tubes And Accessories it can also be used to clamp 0.45 micron groundwater filters.