Photosynthesis & Chlorophyll

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SuperHead Fast FL 3500/F
PSI SuperHead Fast FL 3500/F

Product Features
  • PSI SuperHead Fast FL 3500/F is PAM measurements
  • Fast kinetic measurements of OJIP
  • Flash fluorescence induction 
  • State transitions etc. 
  • Time resolution of 1 µs.

Algal Online Monitor
PSI Algal Online Monitor

Product Features
  • PSI Algal Online Monitor is flow-through monitoring
  • Enables detection and continuous quantifying of photosynthetically active microorganisms in rivers, lakes, or artificial water reservoirs.
  • Detection limit: 30 ng Chl/l.

Submersible FL 3500/SM
PSI Submersible FL 3500/SM

Product Features
  • PSI Submersible FL 3500/SM is underwater experiments
  • Maximum operating depth of the instrument is ca 1 meter.
  • The measuring compartment is equipped with a practical holder.
  • Typical samples: Plants, corals and seaweed.

Leaf-Clip FL 3500/LC
PSI Leaf-Clip FL 3500/LC

Product Features
  • PSI Leaf-Clip FL 3500/LC measuring in leaves
  • Equipped with a non-intrusive leaf-clip, this version is designed to measure fluorescence of plant leaves or their segments.
  • Measured area: circle 12.7 mm (0.5 inch) in diameter.

High Sensitivity FL 3500/HS
PSI High Sensitivity FL 3500/HS

Product Features
  • High sensitivity
  • Detection limit: 1 ng Chl/l
  • PSI High Sensitivity FL 3500/HS fluorescence induction measurements
  • QA-reoxidation kinetics in pico-molar chlorophyll concentrations.

Online Ultra-High Sensitivity FL 5000/US-O
PSI Online Ultra-High Sensitivity FL 5000/US-O

Product Features
  • Compact, powerful system
  • PSI Online Ultra-High Sensitivity FL 5000/US-O simple operation via the touch screen
  • Utra-high sensitivity
  • Detection limit: 0.1 ng Chl/l
  • Web interface.

Photobioreactor FMT 150
PSI Photobioreactor FMT 150

Product Features
  • PSI Photobioreactor FMT 150 a unique combination of the cultivator and computer controlled monitoring device.
  • Differ in the capacity of their cultivation vessels - 400 ml and 1000 ml respectively.
  • May be supplied with a number of useful accessories - sensors, stirrers, pumps, etc.

Multi-Cultivator MC 1000
PSI Multi-Cultivator MC 1000

Product Features
  • PSI Multi-Cultivator MC 1000 serves for small scale cultivation of algae, bacteria or cyanobacteria.
  • Represents a perfect solution in applications requiring diverse experimental variants.
  • In an ideal configuration, the high-throughput part of the experiments is performed in the MC 1000 and the results are finalized in our FMT 150.

Large-Scale Photobioreactors
PSI Large-Scale Photobioreactors

Product Features
  • PSI Large-Scale Photobioreactors large-volume bioreactors are manufactured with respect to customer's specific needs and they come with a number of useful accessories.
  • Two basic versions feature are 25-liter cultivation tank and 120-liter cultivation tank

FytoScope Chamber FS 130
PSI FytoScope Chamber FS 130

Product Features
  • PSI FytoScope Chamber FS 130 designed for well-defined growing and monitoring of higher plants.
  • Equipped with a LED-based light panel that provides high-intensity illumination, which is controllable in its power, spectral composition and temporal modulation.